Our Family In June 2019

We ended June yesterday with a birthday tea for our twin nieces on my side of the fam  (there are twins in both families). It followed a lovely day at church (mostly) and a fantastic sunny Saturday spent at the coast chilling on the beach and feeling thankful for good weather and time together.

This month has seen several family weekend get togethers and sunshiney vibes, and it has been glorious! As a family we have thoroughly enjoyed each one of these moments – embracing family, Summer time and general fun times together – just the 5 of us! We have been to the cinema, the beach, had our first ever BBQ together in our little garden, and even attempted to play tennis one evening. It has been so much fun and we are pleased to have had good weather to be able to get out and make memories together. We make a great little crew and I have really treasured the times we have been our little family … together having fun!

June in many ways though was also a bit of a slog. That isn’t to be negative, but I don’t like to paint the picture that life is all rosey and wonderful all of the time – because it isn’t! One element, of what life’s reality has been for us this month, is that it’s been hard and sluggish!

For the last few weeks, as parents/a couple we have been feeling really frustrated with several aspects of our life and generally just trying to find the balance between our current reality and what we want to accomplish and see in the hopefully not too distant future! It has been hard to feel gratitude for what we have, as we have been a little clouded with being resentful and annoyed about what we feel we are missing out on or wish we already had in life (an extra kid that didn’t die, better opportunities for Nath’s work despite fighting hard for it and progress for me and my ventures!). I know these low reflective moments are good for us in the long run – the resilience and self reliance we are learning and the whole “evaluating life” helps us realise all we do have and grounds us too. These lower moments also help us to set goals and work in a direction together that will take us to a place where we are more satisfied with our jobs, income, lifestyle and work/life balance, but for the present it has just been a bit frustrating to not yet be in that place. Money has been a tighter than usual and we have had more “No’s” for job opps that would progress Nath.

Sometimes life feels in a bit of a stall and stand still, like we aren’t moving forward or worse – we try to and get knocked back (and it can be so flipping draining and annoying) or, like this month for us, we are just generally weighed down with far too many worries and defiant kids feel 10x worse! This month however, in all of that stress and feeling “hard done to”, it has taught some big lessons in not comparing our lives and progress to others, and to not rush the process of where we want to be. It has taught to us to stop aiming for perfection and just be real – doing our thing in our own way. It has forced me especially to look harder at our lives and realise how truly blessed we are to have one another, our lovely home and lifestyle and that in time we can move forward and grow into where we want to be!

On the flip side of all of that, June has also been filled with celebrations and wonderful moments together too (thank goodness ay?!), moments that have made all of those worries and frustrations seem less significant and help us love life and appreciate it. We have celebrated our beautiful and gleeful Megsie turning 7 and celebrated the Dad’s in our lives of fathers day. We celebrated my mum and sisters birthdays, the Baptism of one of our nephews and the baby blessing of our newest Niece! Each one was lovely and also contained cake – whoop! I especially loved how much effort the kids put in for Nathan for fathers day, and how excited they were to tell him (and show him) what a fantastic dad they think he is (which he truly is!).

We have also had a lot to celebrate with our own little ones; Ethan and Megan have bossed this month at school with us seeing so many awards coming home. Ethan was awarded the “Always child” for June out of his whole class – always cooperative, always helpful and kind etc (so proud! but who is this child?) and he was also over the moon to finally be awarded with a pen licence – watch out world, this boy is writing in ink now!!

Ethan surprised us all by signing up to maypole dancing at school! I want to laugh as I write this “out loud”, but he really LOVES it. I cannot wait for the fun of the school Summer fair when he cracks out his moves – it will be an epic moment in our lives for sure!

Megan is loving being 7 and loved her birthday and celebrations. She too has brought several awards home that have celebrated her handwriting, manners and general hard work at school. She has just had a fun weekend with her Grandma Smith – a treat for her birthday – at Inflatanation, swimming and the cinema, followed by a sleepover, and is still pretty much always full of beans!

As we enter July we are officially on the count down to our holiday in France (2.5 weeks – eeeeek) and 6 weeks off school. Our littlest Smith will be turning 3 and is frequently found singing happy birthday to herself! Following the rollercoaster that was June, we are so very much looking forward to a new month, with new adventures and celebrations.  Bring on the fun – I have a feeling this is going to be a good month for us all!

In June We Are Grateful for :

*Megan being in our family
*Ice cream Fridays at school
*Summers Arrival
*Beach days and living near the coast
* Mummy finishing another year of college
*Ethan getting his pen licence
*Alice’s ever growing personality


  1. July 12, 2019 / 8:04 am

    Our family also loves to play tennis together. 🙂

  2. December 22, 2021 / 9:22 pm

    What a wonderful family and article. Love the part at the end mentioning what your family is grateful about.

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