Our Family in January 2019

For many people, January can be associated with feeling a little deflated after the holidays and a long month of feeling a little blue and being skint. I suppose in some ways January has been like that previously for us, but January 2019 has been a really lovely month for our family and in many ways it’s sad to see it end (though thanks to the reminder from Megan this morning, we are all very much excited for pancake day on the Horizon!).

The month began with a fun date for Mr Smith and I when we went to see Wolves play Crystal Palace in Wolverhampton. I bought him tickets for Christmas, and as it was “his team” in the premier league, he was understandably super excited for it. It was a long drive down and back, and a pretty naff score, but it was a great way to kick off the new year.

Overall we found It took us a while to fall back into normal life after Christmas and the school holidays, and during those first few days of the month we had some nice chilled family days. We took the kids to see the new Mary Poppins film (Which was great) and also started a new tradition of “Family Film Night” and a little tuck shop beforehand. The new “system” is that they earn tickets throughout the week to spend at it for treats, or to exchange for pocket money. It is proving a positive step, and our kids have never been so helpful! We have always been a film loving family, but I love the vibe and excitement each friday as we dart home from school to get the blankets out, cook an easy tea, set up shop and enjoy some set aside family time chilling together. It has been a really lovely end to the week and start to the weekend and the kids love it. So far we have seen Incredibles 2, Tooth Fairy and CoCo.

January also brought us a couple of family parties our way which has really livened up the weekends. We have one this weekend too, but this month have enjoyed a fab nerf war party at the start of the month with their cousins over in West Yorkshire, and then a dance Party for my sister in law’s 30th down in Stamford a couple of weeks ago. It is always lovely to be with family and celebrate these wonderful individuals and we have enjoyed having these things to look forward to.

During January/the end of December, Ethan started playing the Trumpet and we and the neighbours are being tortured in the process enjoying hearing his progress! He also started swimming with school, which he really looks forward to every week. Megan has found 10 more excuses not to go to school (i bought into none of them!) and has enjoyed getting back into Gymnastics and Rainbows. I have joined the local choir, which is interesting and Nathan has lost an impressive 15lb since joining Slimming world! Alice has managed to just about master life out of nappies and,  in all of this we also managed to squish in a weekend in London for mummy and daddy. I managed a week or so of the flu but despite ending on illness, the month of January has been a joyful one.

January has been busy, lovely and the start of many new things for us all. It has been a great start to 2019 and as we enter February, we are excited for pancake day, Valentines, half term, and more family celebrations. Thank you to January for new opportunities, fresh starts and new adventures.

In January we are Grateful For:

*Naths impressive weight loss
*Alice doing so well with Potty Training
* Time to party with Family
*Family Film Night
*A weekend in London

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