Our Family in February 2019

I think that this February has quite possibly being one of the warmest we’ve had in years hasn’t it?! We have all loved these mild and sunny days we’ve been having, and not only have they meant we are all up and ready early on a morning, but they have enabled us to have a ball over half term and get out on lots of walks!

February for our family often begins as a bit of a sad month as we remember the passing of Nathan’s Dad. But this year, Nathan made plans and went with his family and I took the kids to a birthday party, so in some ways I suppose we have been a little disconnected from that, whilst he has carried and reflected on his own. We often talk about him and how much we miss him. And we talk of how we often have things we know he would be able to answer for us etc – I suppose like with any loss it is something you feel day to day as well as on anniversaries.

Aside from the difficulty for Nathan especially at the start of this month, February has from then been a real treat for our family. We have sadly had a few sick days; with me (and Alice) being plagued by “the stomach flu” at the start of half term, and everyone else having the usual snotty noses, coughs and generally feeling bleugh that is all around at this time of year! But, aside from those poorly days of wo, the rest of the month has been good.

It began with us having a family gathering for one of our new Nephews naming and blessing, and then the following weekend we had a fabulous time in Bridlington swimming together. The kids are at an age now where they are so much more independent and it is a lot of fun to be able to do things like swimming, because we all go on the slides together, and we all play – it brings a new vibe and meaning to family time!

This month we had our first experience of “Flix in the Sticks” – a cute little movie/cinema night the local church does in for the village each month. It is free and we had fun with friends seeing “Peter Rabbit” with juice and biscuits in the interval. It was another moment that made us feel so good about living here.

Half term was most definitely the highlight of Feb and as Nathan was able to take a few days off work to join us, it made for an even better week! On the Monday we had a great family day out to Flamingo Land. It was our family date for Valentines and nice to do something a little less ordinary together. We loved seeing all of the animals, and whilst I still felt a little dodgy – it was fun together too.

It was nice to be able to see cousins for a day, go to a museum and explore some more of Hull, and then on Friday have a fab day at Dalby Forest with some of our friends. The day was warm and bright and ideal for a little hike and exploring in nature. Most of our pictures are from this day, we loved it and the kids so much that they went home in their onesies following an epic play in the river!!!

This last weekend has seen us hanging out at the coast with family and having more walks and embracing the beaches and lighthouse. It has been a really varied month with plenty of lovely moments and adventures together to offset the difficulty of grief and illness. It has been great to spread/feel the love over Valentines and have some fun times over half term. We don’t really have much planned for March right now, and it’s strange to think that this time last year we were looking forward to an epic USA adventure. But, if this lovely spring weather continues, I am sure it will hold plenty more nature walks and fun family outdoor moments to enjoy together.

In February 2019 we are Grateful for: 

*Warmer days and sunshine
*Lots of fun family time
*Healthy Bodies
*Winter Prices at Flamingo Land
*Nature Walks
*Living close to the coast
*Fun days with friends
*Daddy having some annual leave
*Alice being dry both day and night!


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