Our Family in August 2019

If I could sum August up in a word or 2 it would fall somewhere between nuts and adventure! August has certainly being filled with lots of adventures for us with it being Summer and with that, lots of memories made together too (which I am truly thankful for). However, August has also been pretty nuts as well (because it has been Summer) and in fact some days I’ve wondered how we’ve even all survived it – but we somehow have.

On Friday afternoon as the 5 of us squished onto a little table on Scarborough seafront; sharing fish and chips and celebrating Nathan’s last day of work there, I felt a bit of relief it was almost over, a little guilt that I was so relieved, but mostly gratitude for all have shared and continue to share this Summer.

We started August off with the ultimate adventure – camping in the Dales with friends, where we climbed a mountain, visited Lake Windermere, had an interesting experience in Morecambe. It was fun, sunny and a very nutty time with 4 other families! We had a fabulous time away, which boosted our love for camping, as well as our desire for more family camping adventures. It was both exhausting and brilliant, and filled with fab company and splendid views and scenery.

Our other adventures this Summer have included a trip on the steam train to Whitby, Eureka, Swimming a few times at Bridlington leisure centre, several beach trips (including caves and Filey Brigg), Williams Den for homemade Ice creams, adventures in Leeds with cousins/cousins sleepover, Tye dye, The Deep, Museums in Hull and an incredible “Family Fun Weekend” last weekend with the Smith side of the fam (where we did so many fun things)! I am exhausted just reflecting on all of that, but boy was it all great too!

In between all of that we have played at home, the park, with friends and had country walks. We have had cousins here to sleep and friends over to play. We have generally had lots of nutty moments from our kids as I have tried to keep up with them, keep them busy, keep them from fighting with each other and, keep them from wandering off (not always successful with that one!).

This Summer has felt at times quite bitty compared to others and at times no real direction like we usually have (despite planning a wish list!). I feel like it has a lot to do with having our family Holiday in France last month right at the end of term and then Camping pretty much straight after – I think both of those wore us out before we even got going and then being flung into 4 more weeks of Summer break was hard to navigate! I found it hard to get going some days, and most days were spontaneous and last minute plans as opposed to our usual planned out schedule. We’ve also been a little skinter than usual just this month and so it meant we had to be more inventive with finding budget and free things to do as opposed to so many attractions we are usually able to do here and there. Either way though that didn’t make a huge difference to the fun we had – we have been lucky with the weather, done loads of fab things and had a lovely Summer holiday together. I have on the whole loved having the kids at home and hanging with them each day, but with all the fighting some days and general whining, I would also be lying if I didn’t say I was also looking forward to a little bit of a break next week!

August has also seen a few changes in the family with Nathan doing his last day at the NHS on Friday in preparation to start his career in education Monday (exciting!) and Megan losing a tooth yesterday! Alice is now in a proper “big girl bed” and Ethan has outgrown most of his clothes!

August has been busy, nutty and full of adventures and I cannot believe it is over and we are already heading into a new school year… I will treasure all of these lovely family pics and moments we have captured – they show snippets of a great Summer together and I find them truly beautiful to look back on.

I anticipate that September will again be filled with special moments and will also be an interesting month. We will see the return of Naths brother from his mission for our church (he has been in Switzerland and everyone is incredibly excited as we haven’t seen him for 2 years), and also have Poppys 5th anniversary, a new school year, Alice starting preschool for 2 full days, Nath’s PGCE and my final year of this current counselling course. It’s all change for the Smiths, but we welcome time to celebrate Poppy, opportunities for growth and learning and more fun times with the fam! Thank you August for sunshine, beach days, lots of treats, adventures, and days doing very little!

In August 2019 We Are Grateful For:

*The girls room being spruced up and looking fresh.
*A little organisation in the house (still more to do next week!)
*A Brilliant Summer spent together
* Lots of Family Time
*Williams Den ice cream
*Living near the coast
*Seaside treats
*Wonderful Friends
*A Steam train to Whitby
*The kids climbing their first mountain
*Lots of lovely sunshine and hot weather

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