Our Family in April 2019

Last April we were in America on an epic road trip (we loved it). We spent the start of April in Utah with family after being in Arizona, and then went on to Vegas and then on to Hollywood! This April we have been to Leeds, Bridlington, Hull and Dalby Forest! ha! Not quite as a glam and adventurous, but some really lovely moments together all the same – and thankfully some lovely weather too.

April has been a really great month for our family and we have particularly enjoyed it as the majority of the month was obviously spent having the school Easter holidays. Being on a break from school is always lovely – time is our own and we can go to all of our favourite places, whilst having opportunity to discover new ones too. Nathan was also able to take some annual leave during the second week of the holiday’s and over the Easter weekend, which meant that we were able to enjoy some lovely days out all together, and have a real mix bag of family pictures to share!

The month began with me handing in another assignment at college, which was a great achievement and relief, and enabled me to completely switch off and be with the fam! We were then straight into holiday mode, with the kids breaking up that first week. We had a fun adventure at The Deep in Hull the first weekend, followed by a family baby shower. The following weekend we had a lot of fun and a fantastic day out to temple Newsam in Leeds. We had 2 trips to Dalby Forest; one with our friends from the village and another with my side of the fam on Easter Monday – both days were warm and sunny, and a lot of fun too. And the kids and I went swimming to Bridlington 2 days in a row – that was a fun week!

Outside of these we have played in the village with friends, been to cousins houses for play dates and eaten one too many Mcdonald’s! Ethan has had a couple of day’s hardening at Grandma’s house, and Megan and I had a charity shop day with our friends on the train to Beverley!

In the school holiday’s Megan will often move into Ethan’s room, where they build dens and train tracks and have multiple sleepovers. I love to see them enjoying spending time together and this month building a lego town under the bed (he has a mid sleeper).

This month saw Megan receive another award at school, Ethan master “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the piano (2 handed) and Alice start playgroup. Things are changing at a rapid rate around here and to be honest there are moments when I struggle with that. But as we leave April in a new stage of life, with Alice in playgroup and heading towards nursery later in the year and school the year after, I am thankful for the time I have had at home with each of them. I miss them a lot when they are gone (mostly) and I think that’s why the holidays are so delightful!

I do feel a little strange about this new stage with no babies now (I may have shed a tear as I wrote that!) and as someone who thinks deeply and holds on to things, changes are never easy for me. Alice was great last week, which made it easier to leave her, but this week has been a lot harder with sobbing and the classic outstretched arms and tear filled “mummmmmmyyyyyyyy” as I left. But, I hope she settles soon and we enjoy this new stage of life with slightly older kids and no kids at home full-time – it is both quite nice and very very strange!

We have just booked our Summer Vacay, which this year is going to be Paris and Vendee in France – it was a steal. We are also going camping in the Yorkshire dales with some friends from the village, which we are excited about too, and look forward to both of these. May however is next on the horizon, with a family wedding (its going to be fab) another half term and a bonus bank holiday next week. I have feeling it’s going to be another great month ahead!

In April we are grateful for…

* Lots of Chocolate Eggs
*A Yummy hamper from Morrisons
*A break from School
*A holiday on the horizon
*Swimming 2 days in a row
*Seeing cousins
*Alice and her funny antics
*Ethan’s fab skills on the Piano and Trumpet
*Dalby day’s and forest adventures

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  1. May 1, 2019 / 11:04 am

    I love that you have thing you are grateful for!

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