Oscar Turns 1

Where on earth have the last 12 months gone? I know we all say it as parents; “time flies”. But, as I have told friends Oscar was turning 1 this week, they have all been just as shocked as we are that he is already a whole year old!

We have a tradition in our family that on their first birthday we head for a Pizza Hut buffet – partially as a reward to mummy and daddy for surviving the year, and partly as their first official treat after the first year of milk and mushed veggies/home cooked delights! It always goes down a treat to hand them little bites of pizza and pasta – thought truth be told, I think older siblings have been passing this kid little treats most of his life (sigh)!!!

His birthday began with pancakes and gifts, lunch at Pizza Hut and a classic caterpillar choc cake with 1 candle! It was lovely to celebrate him and he certainly loved all the attention, and his first (I think/hope) taste of chocolate cake!

Oscar is such a joy to have around, and I have loved having a whole year at home with him- watching him grow, hit milestones, explore, smile, snuggle and just hang out with my little squidgy cute pal (that we so fondly call him). I breastfed him for 10 months which was such an achievement as he wasn’t the best, but we persevered. And, during that time I was his firm fave, I sometimes miss it, but it felt right to stop when I did. As he has grown these last few months he gravitates a lot to Daddy and Megs too now. He loves food, has a pretty good routine these days, and is often quite serious with the majority of people. But, he also has a little cheeky and humorous side that shows when he gets comfortable (or just wants to make you laugh) – we are so thankful for him and his sweet soul in our family.

I have loved to see how he has slotted into the family and how each relationship with his siblings offers a different facet. As stated, he adores Meg… and in-fact some days he prefers her when he feels sad or seems stressed. She is guaranteed to make him laugh out loud and they play silly games and scream and laugh together.

He loves to snuggle with Ethan and copy him – especially with the Piano. E will often read with him and sit him next to him while he practices and plays, and Oscar will watch in amazement (kicking his little legs and moving his body). He will then copy and slam the keys too. Having a big brother means he often gets swung about and held super high – he loves that too (mummy not so much).

With Alice they are obviously the closest in age, and often she carries him like a mother hen and both his sisters like to help tend to his needs. Together they play little kid games and he loves to stroke her hair and snuggle.

It is lovely to watch how each of them make the most of their time with him (when they’re not gawping at the TV sneakily), how they try to make him smile, and the things they choose to show and try to teach him. Siblings are great!

Wowee – what a quick year indeed! I am sad to not have a little baby any more – those days are relentless but so special and lovely too. Even so, I am also excited for him to get walking, talking and exploring more of life and the toddler chapter! Happy 1st Birthday Oskey!

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