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Hello from Arizona! I was considering not blogging whilst away (I am on holiday after all), but then decided that it was important for me to capture our little moments of joy and gratitude along the way, and see the goodness in the small moments of our journey, as well as the big posts I will most likely write when we get home. So here we are – another week of #MyHeartyLife!

This week has been so out of the Ordinary for us, as after lots of excitement and anticipation, here we are in America. On Wednesday we left our home in Yorkshire at 7am and drove to London. We then flew 11 hours from London – LA, had a mega long wait at boarder control once arrived (with an extra helping of me near to a meltdown), found the car rental place, navigated American highways, and eventually got to bed about 24hrs later in a rather shady looking Motel!

We have had already had a lot of fun, plenty of sunshine, and are so pleased to be here together.

Grateful for…

The biggest things I am grateful for this week are friends and safety! I am grateful that our flight was uneventful, but most of all that it was safe. I am grateful we have driven over 400 miles from LA to Arizona safely and that as yet, no injury or drama has come our way, and the kids are happy and enjoying it. Alice isn’t a fan of the heat, but she is adjusting well.

I am also grateful for old friends. They have been so welcoming and hospitable to us all, and its been so lovely to see them, catch up and hang out. One of my good friends here in Arizona has opened up their home for us, and given up their room for us too, and another friend made us a lovely picnic dinner last night. Small things like this make family travel simpler and I am thankful for such kindness in my life! It’s nice to have a home from home!

Succeeded At…

My biggest success this week is most definitely travelling to America with 3 kids in tow, battling jet leg and staying sane! We are just about evened out to this time frame, and getting in some good chunks of sleep.

I haven’t tried driving here yet (translate as Nathan won’t allow me to lol), but he has successfully driven many many miles and its been quite the adventure already. We love our rental car and especially love how unbelievably cheap the fuel here is – it only cost £24 to fill the tank and that gets us over 400 miles. We didn’t know which “Gas” to put into it, but again we eventually succeeded at that too. It’s safe to say that we are basically being ripped off in England when it comes to fuel!

Found Beauty In…

It has been a beautiful sight to see the kids playing so well with each of my friends kids, but mostly the beauty has been seen in the gorgeous rugged desert scenery and my favourite – The Arizona sunsets! I miss them and never tired of them when I lived here. Its such a beautiful skyline.

The kids have been going nuts over seeing such massive cactus everywhere, and it’s so beautiful to hear and see the awe in their little faces over all things American. Whilst we haven’t done a whole lot (aside from across state driving and socialising) we are enjoying cruising around, spending time together with our friends and eating lots of treats!

#MyHeartyLife Rules

You can link up one post a week that fits into either or all of the “Prompts”, and I ask that you at least comment on mine and one or 2 others too. Kindness costs nothing and a comment on your blog feels amaze!

Please use the #MyHeartyLife on Social media whenever you want to share the goodness and cheerful moments in your life that day! It might also help when summing up the week into a blog post to link up!

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  1. Grace
    March 24, 2018 / 4:01 pm

    Well done Mary! We fly to LA in August with Norwegian Air so would love some more deets as to occupying the kids on the flights and navigating LAX! We also have a hire car booked. Have a fab time, look forward to seeing more of your adventure! Xx

    • Mary @TheHeartyLife
      April 24, 2018 / 4:15 pm

      Grace LAX is a nightmare for boarder control – I nearly lost my mind!!! My kids were pretty chill on the plane – the bribe of treats and ample movies occupied them wonderfully!Ask me anything and I will try to answer it x

  2. March 31, 2018 / 10:06 pm

    I’m so pleased your holiday was everything you hoped it would be and a big phew to safe flights :o)
    I totally appreciate your seeing beauty in relationships – it’s so special when friends kids all play together and makes sorting out any little squabbles so much easier as the kids are all loved by everyone. I thought you hadn’t blogged while you were away as I still don’t get your alerts and didn’t think to check in. I stuck with my weekly reflection though, albeit a little late so I shall tag 12 on your latest post and get onto doing 13 on Tuesday. Welcome back x
    Nic@nipitinthebud recently posted…#myheartylife | 12 – gratitude| success| beautyMy Profile

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