Megan Turns 7

On Friday, our first little girl and second child – “Miss Megan Eve” – turned a great big 7! I cannot believe that it was a whole 7 years ago that I screamed the hospital down and totally lost it in labour, as I attempted to try and prove that I could have a natural delivery for my second baby (FYI you get no medals and an epidural has always been a firm winner since!). I cannot believe it has been 7 years since I lay exhausted and yet so relieved and fulfilled as I held that perfect 7lb 9oz brand new little girl in our arms – we were parents to a boy AND a girl just 20 months apart (we must have been mad!) and were totally in love with her!

I never imagined that I would have daughters (I often hoped for a brood of boys) and perhaps that has a lot to do with growing up in a house of girls and already knowing how mental it would be! But having a daughter (and now 2 more since – yes still mad) has taught me so much and I love having the opportunity to raise both a boy and girls!

Megan makes us so proud (as I know most parents feel about their kids) and she is turning into such a beautiful, brave and strong willed young lady. And, whilst I know I say it every single birthday, I cannot help but say it again – I cannot believe how time flies and how big and independant the kids are becoming.

As I stated on social media on her birthday; Megan is full of spirit, courage and kindness (with some stubbornness and attitude for good measure)! She is really funny, a bit ditzy and has started to use American accents when she plays. Megan at 7 (and most years previously) is usually found up in a tree, in water or winding up her sister!! She is a great big sister mostly and is really good with Alice, but winding her up is becoming more of a frequent occurrence and latest hobby!

Megan loves animals so much that she wants to be a police dog handler or a vet, because of course she can’t be a mermaid (which she also really loves too). She is into the popular girls toys and adores sparkles. I know we are biased but she is a pretty great gymnast too and has no fears about telling the teachers at school what she really thinks (kind of awkward). She keeps us all on our toes and we love the fun and thoughtfulness she brings to our family and life.

For her birthday this year it was all about LOL and a personal fave from my childhood – Polly pockets! We have also branched out into a bit of a playmobil obsession too as she realised that it opened up an opportunity to play with tiny animals and have her very own vet centre!

This year a white and silvery baseball cap, mermaid swimsuit and neon hoodie replaced dress up clothes and were a total winner too. She seems to be stepping away from princess dress up and talking more about Harry Potter dress up for Halloween or Christmas and embracing more of a personal street style look!

It was not a party year this year, instead the kids have the choice to go out on a fun family day – something perhaps a little less ordinary. But Megan was content to do the tried and tested ordinary and, out of everything we offered her as a family day out, her choice was swimming, Mcdonalds and the cinema! She is easily pleased! We also had 3 of her closest friends join us after school and I prepped a cute little tea party for them with fizzy drinks in fancy glasses, French fancies and triangle sandwiches (they loved it – even if we had to make it a carpet picnic because of the tacky weather). I tried and failed at a cake again, but it tasted lovely and she loved it, so whilst it isn’t instagram or pinterest worthy – it was ideal for our little Megsie and family. On Friday evening we had a good 2 hour swim with some family at the leisure centre with slides – quickly followed by a happy meal with extra nuggets for the birthday girl!

We are yet to go as a family to see secret life of pets 2, but what a fun weekend we had. We really admire how easily pleased Megan is and that these were the things she wanted to do the most to celebrate with her family and friends to celebrate turning 7.

In this year of life she has lost her 2 front teeth (which are yet to return!), won a gold medal in Gymnastics, progressed well with her reading and got 100% on several spelling tests at school. She is still adamant she dislikes school very much and regularly asks to be home-schooled! Just this week she stood outside refusing to go in – good times! She still spends the majority of her life in a day dream, needs to be asked 100 times to put her socks or pants on, loves building dens and being a wild child outdoors! At 7 years old though I want to remember….

How sweet and thoughtful she is – especially when she comes out with such wise words as she did the other week when we were watching BGT – “Mummy, if I won that competition on BGT I would go on the holiday, but I would use the money to give homeless people a home!”.

I want to remember when she told me I was “bursting with good ideas” and that she likes to make people smile and feel good.

I want to remember when she stuffed her dress to look like boobs and sellotaped a paper beard to her chin as she reenacted the greatest showman for us.

I want to remember her missing front teeth and how it creates a lisp, and how cute she looks.

I want to remember how gigantic she looks next to most kids her age and how dresses we bought only 2 months ago are already too short on her.

I want to remember snuggling in my bed and watching “Pony Sitters Club” together on Netflix.

I want to remember how cool she thinks she is now that she wears crop tops! And how utterly excited she was to get them. The cool way she wears her sunglasses in the car listening to talking books and how enthusiastically she sings and dances on any occasion- especially to “Sweet but Psycho” (which she thinks is saying “cycle!” – ya know – like a bike!!!!!).

I want to remember how happy she is when she is with her friends, her cousins and mostly – Ethan and Alice – building Dens, playing outside, playing make believe games and having sleepovers!

Thank you Megan for another crazy fun year of life – we hope you achieve all you want to at aged 7!

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