Hello Summer (2019)!

Though you can’t really tell today, we are officially into Summer! Longer nights, sandy toes, BBQ’s, Ice Cream, sandals and shorts, lots of nature, beach hair, tanned skin, family holiday’s and of course, no school runs for 6 whole weeks (Hooray)! There are so many things I love about Summer, and clearly, there are more than enough reasons to celebrate and embrace it’s arrival into our lives – a new season, with new opportunities and adventures – how utterly exciting!

Yes, I think it’s safe to say that Summer is my favourite season. I love the sun on my skin and the general lift in mood I feel. I love being able to wear sandals, shorts, dresses without tights and sunglasses. I love being outside more, not always needing a jacket and the endless hours on the beach! I love swimming in the sea, or a random river. I love ice creams at the seaside and chips on the way home after a long day playing in the sand. I love it all (except thunder bugs and wasps – those I do not love!).

Saturday really felt like proper Summer (my British readers will know what that means). We had a really lovely family day at the coast chilling on the beach after seeing “The Secret Life of Pets 2” in the morning for Megan’s belated birthday (which was great fun too). We enjoyed a little picnic together, warm sand on our bare feet and we just sat for several hours soaking up time together as well as the lush sun!

The kids dug holes, built sand castles and kicked a ball around with Daddy, whilst I enjoyed this more independent stage of life and kicked back and read (an actual book!). We then returned home in time for tea and had our first BBQ of the year/in this house/we think ever in our own home. It was a simple affair – a few burgers from Lidl and a salad and some coleslaw. But we were together in our little garden, doing something new and embracing Summer, and that was so lovely. Lovely to be outdoors, in the sun and feeling good (I’m leaving out the family argument on the way home from the beach that was rather emotional!!).

So as I sit here on a cloudy Monday afternoon, I couldn’t not write a little post to capture some ordinary scenes of Summer and the moments that brought us great joy this weekend. I feel thankful for the memories we made and the time we had, just the 5 of us – embracing Summer, getting sandy toes and doing new things together in our little garden! I have realised recently that life can get pretty intense sometimes and, when it does, it’s easy to feel the struggle and moan! But, these ordinary little moments that are filled with peace and joy, not only keep us going, but they remind us to take a step back, breathe a little and be grateful for each other and the lovely life we share/have (because it is lovely)! We don’t have it all (whatever that means) but we are working to build dreams and together we are tremendously blessed right now!

Hello Summer! How lovely to finally have you here. And thank you – for reminding us what life is all about and for giving us some sunshine in life after all that cloud (literally and figuratively)!

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