Our Family in January (2017)

I could jump for joy to be entering a new month, because whilst February now holds some emotional anniversaries in our family, I am still rather looking forward to a half term, a shorter month and the prospect of Spring on the horizon. January in a nut shell has sucked; the kids have dragged their feet and being late on far too many occasions for school, we have barely been anywhere fun, and although I loved sale season, I have spent the majority of it feeling rather melancholy!
Despite this obvious lull we have been in following the joys of December, we have still managed to attend a couple of family parties, finally got on top of the house and had some new lino in the bathroom too, and we have been on several road trips to the coast to see my Grandad who hasn’t been doing great. Other than that, when I look back on January I see that I just haven’t been feeling it in life, and none of us have really had much motivation. We have simply spent a huge chunk of time snuggled and hibernating from the bitterly cold January weather and enjoying movies and lots of drawing.

Our pictures this month were some last minute (and rather grainy) family selfies, that are very much reflective of our indoor habits.

Nathan is Loving

*Seeing Wolves Play in Barnsley
*Getting new Lino in the Bathroom
*Seeing all of his family at the reunion

I am Loving

*All of my bargains from the January Sales
*That I had time to sew Alice a skirt
*That the house is organised
*Grandad being better
*Finishing Gilomore girls

Ethan is Loving

*Getting star of the week in Street Dance
*Using his art set from Christmas
*Having disco’s
*Playing Lego with his cousins
*Eating pink crisps (Prawn cocktail)

Megs is Loving

*Getting Star writer in Assembly
*Dancing at family parties and eating all the treats
*A cinema trip with mummy to see Ballerina
*Having sleepovers at Grandmas’s

Alice is Loving

*Trying so many new flavours in her weaning adventures
*Her play gym
*Sensory socials!

So yes…we have spent a lot of time indoors, and very little on our usual adventures and trips. But as I think about that, I can’t help but smile now and just love the fact that we have created a home together where we have wanted to be!

I say it often that this house isn’t what I really want anymore, but it is still (and has been for 6years now) our little home filled with love. Its a place where we all feel safe and have our treasures and things. It is a place where we can be ourselves and where we can laugh our heads off at movies and jokes together… enjoy food and treats with one another, immerse ourselves in stories and hide from the outside world/weather. It’s a place where we can be silly, play, sing and dance, and I love that because of that whatever the day brings, and however hard of a day it is, we can all come together at night to eat, chat, pray, sing, laugh and cuddle. And so I am grateful for a place to call home and a family to share it with. I am grateful that whilst it wasn’t the most eventful of months, that we all felt on the same wave length and chose to spend a lot of time together in our little home this January!


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  1. February 2, 2017 / 12:00 pm

    What wonderful photos! I especially love the silly one at the end!

    I hope next month gets you back into your groove!

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