Baking Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies were one of my favourite things when I lived in America and despite every attempt to try and re-create their deliciousness over these last few years, I am yet to be successful with them! I am not a baker, but I am a tryer, and so, every now and then I get my mixing bowl out and try to whip up some kind of baked goods or delicious treat (with or without the kids)! They rarely work to plan, but we mostly have fun in the process and at the end of the day, I want my kids to remember we did it – not whether they tasted amazing or not!

Recently one of the things I tried to make with Alice was “Sugar cookies”! With the kids back at school and Alice in Pre-school, we have entered this new stage of life where like her siblings, I want to use the 3 days a week we have together be more creative and teach her things for school next year. We have shifted a little from just playing every day and going wherever, to trying to teach her more, do things with a bit of a purpose behind them and make more things. With a new rabbit apron from grandma for her birthday in July and being a little better at following instructions, baking seemed like a great place to start with trying new things. We tried this recipe for Sugar cookies that I found on Pinterest and cut them into animal shapes using our poundland animal cutters (what a steal!).

The positives of this were that first and foremost – we had fun! Next to that was that Alice explored something new without bossy siblings taking over and found something she enjoyed doing and that we can do together in our time at home, whilst also increasing various motor skills and learning experiences. The consistency of the mixture was brilliant and the best ones I have managed to do yet, but I think the downside was that we rolled them too thin because they were more crunchy than a sugar cookie should be. They were alright though and all got scoffed – of course!

Overall though baking sugar cookies together was lovely experience and took up a good chunk of the afternoon hanging together. It was filled with 3 year old glee and I am excited for this new period of life where me and my little 3 year old can make things, bake things, do more little trips and swimming and, have fun before she starts big school next year (oh my heart!).

**If you have any sugar cookie tips I would love them – to master them would be a dream! 

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