Wanderlust Inspiration from my youth

At this time of year I spend a lot of time reflecting on my year ahead goals and bucket lists, and specifically from those, my “Wanderlust list”! Time is taken, meticulously planning out how many trips we could possibly squeeze in to be able to tick off the places we are most itching to discover. We spend hours on Skyscanner, holiday websites, Air bnb etc just to get an idea of how much each place might be for the time of year we want to visit and then from there narrowing down what type of holiday we want and where will fulfil that.

Together we have long term goals to go to Asia, to do Euro rail and road trips across the states. There are also places on my Bucket list that are there because of recommendation or inspiration from another’s trip, or generally because of a film I have seen (Berlin, New York, Croatia, Iceland, Romania, Greek Islands, Malta…). And then there are places that have always hovered near the top, they are place that have been on it for many years, and adventures I want to take because of the feelings that awoke with in me in my youth when I heard or learnt about them. These ones are very special to me, I guess more so than the other places, because they are dreams I have had from a pretty young age.

Just this weekend as I was sat on the train with some rare moments of peace, I found I was reflecting on a couple of them and talking about them, and as such was reminded about how much desire I have to see these places. This week I have teamed up with Thomson cruise to share with you some of my travel goals to help inspire you on this years travel plans, and so have chosen some of my old faves that I have been dreaming of since I was young(er).


I am 99% sure that I must have still been in Junior school when I learnt of the events of Pompeii so long ago. I distinctly remember the feelings I had of a strong desire to visit there and see it all with my own eyes. It was possibly my first experience of feeling passion about seeing historic places and events firsthand, and my first real emotion of wanderlust! It still seems a beautiful, tragic and incredible place to me, and this memory, along with those emotions linked to it are purely the reason I want to go to Pompeii. It would without a doubt fulfil the dreams of my younger self!

We would definitely do Air BnB here as there are some gorgeous Italian villas for like £50/£60/night and then pay for a tour once there.


Egypt is another place that has been on the top spot since I was about 10. Again a school project about Ancient Egypt had me hooked on their history and I couldn’t wait to see it. I grew obsessed with films set in Egypt or about ancient Egypt, the British museum or anything generally featuring mummies, pyramids and hieroglyphics! Not to mention bible stories that feature this majestic land… I just LOVE it!

I have had my fair share of seeing historic things in our country about it, but nothing compares to seeing the great pyramids, the sphinx, red sea, the Niall and Mount Sinai in “real life”. This would be the trip of a lifetime seeing so many things but relaxing too in a lovely (safe) hotel and sunning it up! My only fear is that I have missed the window with travel warnings frequently being issued with this part of the world.

A cruise

One thing that not many people know about me is that I spent a period of my teen years in the cadets. I was a member of RAF section, however was seen on occasion also attending both Navy and Army camps too, all of which were rich with learning opportunities, being stretched to my limits, banter, fun and memories.

I remember on one of these naval camps (and whilst sleeping on a ship), officers would share their tales of life in the Navy, life aboard a ship and what seemed like adventures of cruising around the world. It reminded me of some of the stories my Grandad told us of his time in the Merchant navy, but more than this, it inspired me to make a mental note that one day I wanted to take a cruise. I wanted that adventure of being a board a ship and seeing beautiful parts of the world by sea, but I wanted it with the luxury of pools, entertainment, a bed as oppose a naval bunk and gorgeous food galore…I guess I wanted all the play without the work!  When we were in our 1st year of marriage I loved that Nathan too said this was one of his travel goals, and so we said that at 10 years married we would go on a cruise. This year will be 8 years and so that 10 year goal is fast approaching!


I was 16 and sat in my GCSE modern world History class when we studied the holocaust. Its hard not to be moved by the events that played out in world war 2, especially when as teenager you discussing mass genocide.

I don’t know what it was about it, but again I felt that deep desire that I had to go…I had to see it with my own eyes and walk where they had taken their last steps. I had to see the stories of those individuals with my own eyes. I talk about this one a lot and have almost booked it many times in the last few years too, but the weather or timing never felt right for it. I feel like a couple of days would tick this one off, and flights through skyscanner and an Air Bnb or hotel via trivago would ensure it would be a very reasonable trip to take too. 


My very first friend in school was Indian and its a culture I have loved for a lot of years yet feel I know so little about too. The food obviously is big one here, along with climate and just their beautiful fabrics and music. It is somewhere I want to go to be educated and to see the vast ends of the spectrum with the slums and palaces!

There have been so many films that I have seen that have kept this dream alive! I wouldn’t even know where to start with this trip, but then I think it’s one that I feel like will be taken later in my life and I am okay with that.  

I really hope that at some point this year I get to put a big massive tick next to at least one of these trips and satisfy that Wanderlust that has been there for so long! I just keep thinking life is too short to not start putting dreams into action and this is such a good time to be booking trips and holidays as there are some great deals about too…

What places have you visited because the youth in you desired it? Or where have you dreamt of for the last 20 (or so) years?

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