Our Summer Bucket List 2016

Yaayyy Summer is officially here; a happy and bright time of year filled with long lazy days, no school, spontaneity, adventures, ice creams, picnics, and lots of outdoor fun! It is a season I love as things in life just slow down a bit, days are more flexible and yet whilst they seem to be so relaxed they also feel so fulfilling and so much gets accomplished, I love it…Now if the sun would just remember this and consistently show its face (like the glorious weather we saw yesterday), so that we can actually make wonderful things happen (and maybe get a little tannage too), then life would be GRAND!


I have found that the kids recently have been asking a lot about particular things they want to do, and places they want to go to together, and in response, I find myself saying to them “yes lets definitely do that in the holidays”! I guess that’s the new vocab in me as a School mum now, and perhaps a little because I am so tired with pregnancy too, but when you have so much less freedom and are bound by term time/school holidays it really is hard to do it all. So as to keep my promise, not forget and make the most of Summer 2016 (with a newborn!!!) we sat down together whilst daddy was out at football and again whilst getting ready for school and discussed some ideas of what they really wanted to do in the holidays, and then from there made our summer bucket list!

And here is what they said….

bucket list

I really loved seeing them both ponder on what they love to do and return to, as well as what they’d like to do/try…their excited little faces as they threw the ideas out was a really wonderful moment!
I limited it to 10 ideas each so that it is attainable, and then we will add in park trips, lazy days, National Trust and spontaneous invites from friends. I am so impressed with their ideas and its great that some of them will be able to be accomplished on rainy days, some are local and will enable them to see and spend time with school friends or cousins too, others will easily be ticked off all in a visit to see my parents and then thankfully only a few will take a little more planning which is such a relief…especially as I will have a new baby in tow and potentially solo parenting whilst Nath is at work! I am so looking forward to making the most of the school Summer holidays and having some family fun together to meet their wishes. I can’t wait to make this a reality with them both and enjoy a new chapter together! Keep shining Sun we have lots to look forward to…

What are your plans for the Summer Hols? 


  1. June 26, 2016 / 6:32 pm

    I love that you asked them both to come up with ideas and what a FAB list of things to do. We also make a list which I have been doing this past week, and for once we don’t actually have a holiday booked during the 6 weeks. I am hoping that we can book a last minute break somewhere in the UK. But other than that we will have days out and trips to the swimming pool. We just need some sunshine now x
    Tracey Williams recently posted…Embrace the festival season with Bratz Festival Vibe DollsMy Profile

    • Mary
      June 28, 2016 / 1:14 pm

      We have had the holiday booked for AGES, as its the summer we go away with Naths family. We didn’t however plan to have a very new baby so we will see how that one pans out haha
      I can’t wait to see what you get up to this summer and hopefully find a brilliant deal within the UK x

  2. June 27, 2016 / 3:03 pm

    Sounds fabulous Mary – I must write our bucket list for this summer and yes please to more sun! It’s been so cold today it really does put me off going outside but the twins are running round the garden. I like the idea of a new museum and tie-dye t-shirts sound super cool too! xx

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