Why I’d take my kids back to Majorca

Majoca – the largest of the Baleric Islands is a great location for a budget family holiday, with the added bonus of only a short 2.5 hr flight. I visited a few years ago when I was single with my now sister in law, and before you think it was an 18 – 30’s kinda trip, It wasn’t!

We stayed just outside of Palma in a quiet resort near the beach and it was far from the partying Magaluf type of trip one would expect for a pair of girls in our early 20’s. Rather it was an opportunity to get away from the day to day life and just chill. And Majorca for this ticked all the boxes. It was sunny, warm, cheap and chilled, and we loved wandering to the local shop for essentials.

When I look back on this spontaneous little holiday, I think what a great destination it would make for a little break as a family now. Here are a few reasons I have come up with as to why I’d take my kids back to Majorca, and why you might find it a great option too this year.

Why I’d return with the kids

1.Great beaches

If you are looking for a beach holiday then Majorca is great for this. It has some of the best beaches and a wonderful scenic coastline. I loved having evening walks on the beach and dipping my toes in the Med, as well as sat on the walls of the harbour in Palma looking out to see. It is such a beautiful spot and found that there is something rather exotic and calming about knowing you are on an Island!

2.Great weather

Obviously out of season it isn’t that warm, but with mid 20’s in the Summer months you can catch some much needed rays without it being too hot for the kiddos!

3.Short flights

I don’t know about you, but when travelling with kids, where possible we try for shorter! The great thing about Majorca is that it is just over a 2.5 hour flight, and with kids that’s great. 2.5 hours to lovely beaches and sunshine and a nice Mediterranean holiday – Blissful!


You can get flights for around 50 – 70 pounds each at the moment in June/July time from Sky scanner and there are many holiday sites that offer reasonable accommodation to fit your families needs. If you prefer to book it as a package Holiday for security and peace of mind, with added extras or just the basics then you can find out more here. They have some great offers and ideas of things to do too!

With both things being affordable for families you can get a great little holiday this Summer not too far and with lovely weather and beaches.

5.Lots of history and cool things to see

Palma is a fantastic city boasting many historic sites; including a castle, caves and most famously its beautiful Santa Maria Cathedral, which is a Gothic landmark quite close to the coast built in the 13th century. It also has shops, and little markets as well as an aquarium.

I loved seeing Palma and its marina, I loved staying in the quiet little spot that we did by a beautiful beach, and would love time with the family there to explore it more and see the sites togther! It is both and interesting and beautiful little Island with something for everyone!

I loved my little trip to Majorca in 2008 and would gladly return with the kids and Nath for a sunny chilled beach holiday with lots of things to see and do together. If you are looking for a budget and family friendly holiday, why not check out Majorca this Summer!

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