Frugal Friday #10 – Our First Air bnb

On our recent visit to Scotland we chose to use Air bnb for the first time, as it gave us flexibility and the best value for money. This is most definitely the thriftiest choice I have made this past week!

I have wanted to use Air bnb for a long time as I had heard so many positive things about it. My sister in law uses them now where ever they go away, and I love that it encourages you to live amongst the locals and can be tailored to any budget or taste. Any group size, family or couple!

Hotels just don’t work anymore

As soon as we stepped over the 3 kid threshold we kinda had to say goodbye to staying as a family in a hotel. Doing so would mean both a massive expense for an appropriate family room, or getting 2 rooms… and who wants that or the bill?? Air bnb ensures we keep in budget and we keep together as a family. We can relax as a family, eat as a family and have our own rooms for no extra cost!

Home from home

Staying in someone’s home really is home away from home.  It’s cosy, feels family friendly and has all the necessities you are used to.

We found the kids especially were way more excited than usual and loved exploring someone else’s home and making it theirs for the weekend.

We really loved the school house we stayed in as it held character, awesome views, beautiful gardens and everything you would expect for a country retreat.

Budget friendly

My most favourite thing about it… affordable as well as lovely and it worked out excellent value for money for us all. There were 2 families  (mine and my sisters) with 3 kids in each. The total cost was £195 which with the service charge was 97.50 each..or 48.75 a night… for a family of 5! Brilliant. You couldn’t even get one travel lodge near Edinburgh for that cheap (and we’d have needed 4 rooms for our tribe)!

I will definitely be using air bnb on future trips and visits as a family. It makes sense. You can have budget, luxury or just pure quirky. Apartment or houses … city centre, coastal or the middle of nowhere. It’s straightforward to use and enhances the stay for sure. I am definitely a new lover of this budget and lovely way to escape together!

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