Fun and Educational Summer Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids

Summer is here and it looks like the British sun might just be sticking around for a while, so with the kids soon on a break from school, here are some fantastic ideas to keep them entertained while still getting a little education.


It’s the UK’s favourite treasure hunt! Geocaching is a brilliant way to get out and about over the summer and involves using a GPS enabled device to track down hidden locations through clues, coordinates and riddles. Once you’ve found the spot and located the secret prize box, you can swap trinkets (usually small stationery items or toys) and record your name on the check-in sheet. Then it’s time to hide the prize box and on to the next geocache!

There are hundreds of thousands of geocache spots hidden all over the UK and it is a great way to spend a day when travelling to somewhere new, providing the opportunity to do some site-seeing and find some off-the-beaten-path spots too. Geocache apps are available across most popular app stores and offer both free and paid memberships for some trickier finds.

Heading to the countryside? Consider setting up a scavenger hunt at the same time while geocaching is a fun way to teach kids about following directions. A scavenger hunt can help them to identify plants and trees outdoors and it’s also an easy way to find some pretty, natural mementos to collect and put aside in a scrapbook or memory book to revisit later or craft with at home. 


Fundraising can cover a huge amount of activities but is an effective way to teach children about the world around them and doing things for others. By raising money to give to a good or needy cause they can learn compassion and thoughtfulness. The fundraiser could be as simple as receiving sponsorship to perform a difficult task, a beach clear up or a bake sale. A sponsored walk or jump would be reasonable  and fun for a younger child, while older children may find a more interesting challenge in training to reach the top of a climbing wall, do a long bike ride, mountain or finishing an obstacle course.

Where resources are more readily available (and you don’t mind a bit more cleaning!) activities to raise money could include decorating store-bought cakes for a bake sale, making homemade dog treats or making small trinkets and jewellery suitable for school-aged friends.

It’s a good way to keep kids social and busy over the holiday’s and can help maintain a structure by putting aside time to plan the fundraiser, gather materials and sponsors before setting a date for the event to take place. They can also work together with friends, building their teamwork skills and creating a light competition for the most sponsorships or best completion of their goal.

Finding the cause or charity to donate to will help your children better understand empathy and compassion while learning more about the world beyond their home. Whether you choose  to explore local causes such as animal shelters, schools or food kitchens or educate on larger humanitarian needs including water needs, Qurbani and Eid al-Adha, orphans or medical aid. There are a number of online platforms that can be used to collect money for sponsorships including opening a PayPal account for direct transfers, or if choosing to stay amongst friends, family and local communities, getting the kids to design their own sponsorship forms!

Zoos and Animal Parks

Okay, this one is a great treat for kids and adults alike! But with the UK’s wonderful selection of quality animal safaris and zoos, it’s the perfect excuse to get out, get walking, and get learning. Choose to visit the majestic big cats of Chester Zoo, see some playful polar bears at Yorkshire Wildlife Park or go prehistoric with Crocodiles of the World in Oxfordshire!

The world may not be getting smaller but it certainly seems that way for some endangered species that may soon only exist in our zoos and animal parks. Zoos provide necessary conservation efforts that we can support with our visits and learning more about the animals in need and passing values on to our children that encourage a more environmentally friendly way of living and perspective. 

Don’t let the summer pass you by. Get planning some fun, interesting and educational activities you can enjoy with your kids that get you active and outdoors in the sunshine, because before you know it, there will be an Autumn chill in the air and the rain will be here again!

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