Alton Towers

We had the most amazing day out this week to Alton towers and at the bargainous price of only £25 for us all! GET IN!


Neither Nathan or I had been in years and it was certainly different going with kids than as young adrenaline seeking adults! Things took a lot longer, way more toilet stops and towards the end quite A LOT of whining! But nothing prepared us for the sheer awe and joy on both of their little faces as they entered ‘CBeebies Land’ – our hearts were full of joy at the excitment on both of their little faces and it was that moment that reminded us why we decided to do the ‘Summer bucket list’! Family fun and joy was something we all needed after the last few weeks.

You can see Megan literally jumping for joy!
You can see Megan literally jumping for joy!

Other than the mono rail and cable cars I was strictly kids rides only; not that I was complaining as i’m not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to Roller coasters! I did however let Nath go off and ride a couple (Rita and The Smiler) and he was loving life. I think that he found it harder being bound to the kids areas than I did and so for that we were glad we hadn’t paid full price. If we were to go again we would deffs go with another family so he can have someone to go off and play with!

We all loved it though and Alton towers is so family friendly and thoughtful, an excellent start to our summer of fun!

Ethan’s Highlights:
“The tree top ride and postman pat are my favourites mummy”
016 044 049

Megan’s Highlights:
“I see upsey Daisy…I yuv her” and bouncing like a nutter in ‘Wobble world’

008 020


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