Purple stained hands and mouths I think are an essential part of childhood at this time of year.  I remember spending absolutely hours in the forest behind our home, with my sisters and giant ice cream tubs and filling them to the brim (mum must have loved it) and now whenever I smell black berries it takes me back to those days of adventure as a kid. Unfortunately I also have… View Post

It may be a sign of bad parenting, but I am not one to jump in and correct my kids grammar when they come out with funny and adorable interpretations for things…I just love to hear it and it makes my day. My faves at the moment are “cu-pumber” (cucumber) and “school nuniform” (an obvious stage we are in) and so as little E starts school in 2 days (sob)… View Post

A few days ago I met up with an old friend and spoke of where I am at.  It was hard to talk about how close everything is getting, things I still haven’t been able to deal with and generally hard stuff about life right now and leading up to the 1 year Anniversary – She said to me “I’ll always remember you told me to look for a joyful or… View Post

Usually 3 weeks before your kids 1st birthday you would be seen shopping in Toy shops or on line for something lovely for them to play with, maybe a new little outfit or a useful bargain to make life a little easier. We have always bought books an outfit and something useful for 1st birthdays (1st shoes, a bed, something like that), but this time round there are none of… View Post