For several weeks the kids have been badgering us for “another baby”. They have names picked out, plans of where it will sleep and ideas of when it should come…Megan even said to me a couple of weeks ago “mummy I think you are getting fat because a baby is in your tummy” – Id actually lost 2lbs with sickness!!!!! Its been hard to keep the secret that we were… View Post

This was me this week when I was invited by SANDS to be a parent speaker at a baby loss training event in Harrogate for Drs and midwives, put on by local charity “Our Angels“, and this weeks Ordinary moment is about me and the 20 minutes I was given to talk about my Stillborn daughter, her limited life and her story. It was also an opportunity for medical staff… View Post

As we visited Poppy’s grave the other weekend, we discussed how we couldn’t believe we were already approaching our 2nd Christmas without her, and to be honest, I think I am feeling it a lot more this year than last…Since we crossed the threshold to December, I have been pretty emotional, easily brought to tears and struggling through! Usually such an exciting month for us, its hit me this year… View Post

In both of our families we kind of have this general rule that when its a siblings birthday the budget is £5! Occasionally if it is a “big” birthday some of us may stretch to a tenner, but that is a very rare, flush move! Whenever I have discussed this with others there are always 2 definite camps in response to it. The first is one of “wow that’s so… View Post