I am the 1…the 1 in 4,000 affected by Edwards syndrome. The 1 told by doctors that I had “pulled the short straw” this time. The 1 that had to fight for care for my unborn child. The 1 in 10,000 to have rare and complex congenital heart defects as a result of said syndrome. And the 1 of the 10 to have a stillbirth that day. Yes I am the… View Post

A few weeks ago Mr Smith and I attended an armature swimming gala put on by our church. The kids had an amazing time splashing with aunts and uncles in the kids end, whilst Mr Smith won most of his races and I cheered him on from the side. I could participate in neither activity as I realised the morning of that I had nothing suitable to wear (sadness). Of course… View Post

Here I am at 24 weeks pregnant and only 4 weeks away from my last trimester, so well and truly into the second.. you know the one where you are glowing, enjoying it and loving your blooming self? Yeah I am still waiting for all of that. Instead I feel mostly exhausted, pained and skin a little duller than one would hope. From some angles I look to have a… View Post

Just this morning I said to Mr Smith; “I can pin point the moment when life felt so good and incredibly happy, it was the morning of our 20 week scan with Poppy, how good did life feel then? but since then its just never felt the same – kind of empty and a struggle, kind of gone down hill and never reached the summit again”! To which he agreed!… View Post