There is one thing I feel very strongly about since becoming a parent, and that is making time weekly for each other as a couple to go out or stay in, but to just do something together for a “date night“. Because this is a priority for us, we accomplish this goal most weeks and enjoy spending time together. I find it harder these days to always go out together… View Post

Ethan has adored “chitty chitty bang bang” since he was about 3 years old! I remember putting it on one day reluctantly, as I was sure it wouldn’t be appreciated by someone so young, after all, it wasn’t a tacky cartoon and is rather a long story, but I was greatly mistaken… He has a very musical soul and it came alive the moment he watched it! He was captivated,… View Post

Yesterday I went with the majority of Naths fam to see “A Christmas Carol” at a fairly newly opened theatre in Beverley or rather one I never knew existed until yesterday… it was absolutely mint! The theatre was small which I love as it feels so personable and there were only a handful of actors, again something I love because they really get to showcase their talents as they flit… View Post