Yesterday I escaped the ever increasing stacks of boxes and “stuff” that filled my lounge, and headed with the kids on the bus into Leeds, for a little last minute adventure and some fun to see “The Scarecrow’s Wedding” at West Yorkshire Playhouse.  The Scarecrow’s wedding is possibly the only Julia Donaldson book I failed to read to my kids whilst they have been young (mum fail), and yet whilst… View Post

It’s been ages since I laughed so much at the theatre like I did today with Ethan, his date and her mum, when we had the pleasure of seeing “The First Hippo on the moon” at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. I have never read David Williams book that this stage performance has been adapted from, but that’s okay. You don’t need to know the story to appreciate and enjoy this… View Post

When I saw that the West Yorkshire Playhouse were doing the witches this December I knew I had to see it. Roald Dhal stories and films were a huge part of our childhood and seeing it in action this last week with my sister was both nostalgic and a blast from the past! We were not only entertained to the max (and a little spooked in places too), but it… View Post

When I was younger the theatre was something you did if you were a little bit posh or a student of the Arts. I can’t quite remember when the first time I visited a theatre was, perhaps a primary school trip or something. But I do know that from a young age I was very much attracted to stages, music and performance…it just drew me in and everything about it… View Post