Alice is now 7 months old and has naturally progressed onto the textured stage of weaning, known commonly as “Stage 2”. There are still finger foods alongside it, but for the most part its spoon fed mashed foods at meal times with finger snacks when out and about! This stage again is an exciting one as it opens up way more variety of foods and tastes, and is becoming increasingly… View Post

Last Saturday morning we had the wonderful opportunity to go along to the SEALIFE sanctuary in Scarborough for the grand unveiling of their latest resident “Babs the Octopus”. It was a really lovely morning filled with exciting (and even comical) creatures at every turn, with of course the new mesmerising octopus-themed enclosure being a highlight! Octopus Hideout provides a real insight into the lives and unique habits of these incredible cephalopods… View Post

Yesterday we rounded off our half term break with a Nintendo inspired visit to Bradford Media Museum, to be partakers of the “YO-KAI WATCH” experience they currently have there. Whilst we are obviously behind the times and had never heard of the mysterious world of Nintendo’s YO-KAI WATCH, we were still very excited to go and check it out after receiving an invitation from them. The media museum has always… View Post

It became apparent to me at the start of this half term that Ethan seemed to be falling short when it came to his spellings. He has gone from an impressive and acceptable 7/8 to getting none at all right and not quite able to see the errors either. Their education is obviously important to us and so with this my worried mother mode well and truly kicked in and… View Post