It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were booking flights to LA and planning our incredible USA road trip. It is a holiday we absolutely loved and remember with great fondness and certainly not a “once in a lifetime” thing. We saw so many wonderful places and people, and did loads, that as we drove back to LA from Vegas, we talked about how good it would… View Post

As the girls are getting older, I am enjoying more and more the opportunities to match their outfits. One way I can see occasions to do this is through matching dresses. Whether for church or a party, matching dresses are adorable and very cute, and if budget will ever permit, there are some fantastic styles in girls’ designer dresses. Ruffles, embroideries, opulent fabric and colourful prints — are all stunning… View Post

I have been intrigued by the power of essential oils for quite a while, but outside of my trusty Tea tree oil which I use for cold sores, Ethans Warts and other scrapes/zits, and the Peppermint oil I used to diffuse to help me in pregnancy with sickness, they have never really been a part of our home and life. I have heard many great things about essential oils and… View Post

I have quite a retro streak to my home style (as well as loving colour), so I spend a lot of time in Charity Shops and “junk” shops looking for things that will bring this out through the interiors and styling of our home. I also love to grab stuff off ebay and Gumtree and feel it is important to buy preloved wherever possible. This isn’t purely because I want… View Post