This week I had dinner with one of my oldest friends from school, who also happens to be only weeks off expecting her 1st baby. It is an exciting thing for us to not only be pregnant together, but to be expecting a pair of girls that will also be in the same school year. Its mad, and we never could have imagined it 16 years ago as clueless teens with… View Post

It has been 18 months now since our daughter Poppy was born sleeping at term, and almost a year since my 1st mother’s day as a bereaved mother. I feel like in that time a lot of fog has lifted and my emotions have settled to a state I would describe as “more controlled”, but it doesn’t seem to lift the small ounces of anxiety and dread on days like… View Post

Our lives can feel pretty heavy some weeks, and I’m not just referring to the continuing struggle of adjusting to life after baby loss. The day to day drama’s of family life and parenting struggles, mixed in with the worries of deadlines, sales targets, our safety, time management, to do lists and finances can sometime really take its toll on us both as individuals and parents.  It seems like every… View Post

Sunday marked 11 months since loosing Poppy and it has been an awful few days. I felt like I was on this upward road…climbing out of the fogs of grief, seeing the brightness in the world again, but then the realisation of whats to come over the next few months caused me to trip up again. 11 months is quite a long time for some scenarios, but I realise more… View Post