This last week has quite possibly been one of the busiest this year! I have, for the most part being running around like a nutter from here to there and trying to remember kids costumes, party clothes, food, plays and trying to complete blog work as well as a big college assignment too. I haven’t particularly felt out of control with any of it really and, whilst it all came… View Post

This week has been rather wet and windy hasn’t it? Combined with feeling rough at the start of it, I have wanted to do anything but all of the above! The cold dull days have made me want to hibernate, sleep and snuggle with Christmas movies, and aside from Tuesday when I did just that, we have had a rather busy and full on week as we take another step… View Post

This last week I have felt like I have practically been doing everything by the skin of my teeth! Whilst we have had some lovely days out with friends and shared some lovely moments, I have felt like the house has been in a bit of chaos and that most mornings have just got the better of us. Towards the end of the week I have been feeling a weak… View Post

A few weeks ago French Nutrition company So Shape got in touch with me to see if I would like to sample some of their foods and see if it could help me with my health or weight loss goals and bring a bit of zest to my life with all of those extra vitamins! As I am pretty content with how I look and feel right now, I decided… View Post