Saturday marked the 6th Anniversary of Mr Smith and I saying “I do” and I suddenly feel like that seems AGES! We had a wonderful night away planned and day out to Iron Bridge (which we hope to reschedule), but unfortunately seasonal illness has once again taken me victim and played havoc with my Asthma and so it turned into a DVD day, some giant chocolate buttons (hello), lots of… View Post

When you read of happy things you can’t help but smile and the last few days I have really enjoyed reading other bloggers posts on the “50 things that make me happy” , its been lovely seeing some big but mostly small little things in life that bring others happiness! Esther at Inside out and about then nominated me on twitter to do the same and compiling this list has brought… View Post

I previously blogged about my goal of 30 goals before 30, in order to enhance life and enjoy the last year of my 20’s! Well here I am hrs away from being 30 and nothing really went to plan how I had hoped! I am beginning to think that perhaps goals and planning ahead isn’t how I am supposed to live my life. If theres one thing I am learning… View Post

I cannot believe I have been “Mrs Smith” now for 5 years! This last weekend was our 5 year anniversary and it was great to actually get dressed up and get out together. On recommendation we went to a fab restaurant in Hudds called “Temujin”  and we certainly were not disappointed! The whole atmosphere was amazing and just a really fun place to eat, yet relaxing and chilled too. The Food… View Post