This week in college we were talking about Ethics and the BACP Ethical Framework for counsellors. Whilst all very interesting (I assure you), I had to laugh when I was reading it, as it got me thinking – imagine if we as mothers and parents had a code of ethics we had to adhere to, in order to be “fit for practice”! I think with how nuts and ratted our… View Post

I have been intrigued by the power of essential oils for quite a while, but outside of my trusty Tea tree oil which I use for cold sores, Ethans Warts and other scrapes/zits, and the Peppermint oil I used to diffuse to help me in pregnancy with sickness, they have never really been a part of our home and life. I have heard many great things about essential oils and… View Post

Happy New Year to you – I hope it was really great and your Christmases too. And then a huge “HELLO” to a fresh new year – 2019! As a kid of the 80s, the year 2019 seems so massive to be here and yet I still feel pretty young – time is such a weird concept don’t you think?! We saw the new year in at my in laws as… View Post

At the beginning of this year I set a goal to write a post each week that would help me to pick out all of the goodness of that week. I wanted to remember that however it went, however hard it felt or however many times I lost it, the week still had beauty in it and there were still moments I found success, and I still had a lot… View Post