After Poppy died, part of my coping techniques were to get rid of anything remotely connected to babies/pregnancy and so whilst I have a few larger normal tops, trousers with stretchy waist bands and the odd maternity item hidden in a box in the cellar, I am generally lacking significantly in “proper” maternity stuff, not to mention fashion and my personal style changes, and so now that I am into my… View Post

As I sat in my 1st midwife appointment a few weeks ago I said to my midwife “As if im having my 4th…I feel like a baby machine” and started nervously laughing my head off, she just responded with a “hmmmmmm” and courteous smile, which has had me thinking: Am I baby machine yet? ahhhh Im 31 and on number 4 it seems so mental, yet not that many all… View Post

For several weeks the kids have been badgering us for “another baby”. They have names picked out, plans of where it will sleep and ideas of when it should come…Megan even said to me a couple of weeks ago “mummy I think you are getting fat because a baby is in your tummy” – Id actually lost 2lbs with sickness!!!!! Its been hard to keep the secret that we were… View Post