Here I am at 24 weeks pregnant and only 4 weeks away from my last trimester, so well and truly into the second.. you know the one where you are glowing, enjoying it and loving your blooming self? Yeah I am still waiting for all of that. Instead I feel mostly exhausted, pained and skin a little duller than one would hope. From some angles I look to have a… View Post

Following on from yesterday’s post – My baby wear wish list, I couldn’t not feature the said baby shorts that I purchased earlier this week in GAP, not only were they a symbol of progress in my healing, but they were also an absolute steal! Our baby is due in July, and so of course seasonal baby wear for Spring/Summer is just coming into stores now … at full price.… View Post

One of the hardest parts about being told in our last pregnancy that our baby was most likely going to pass away was not being able to do any of the “normal” pregnancy prep you do as a mother. I felt I missed out on so much and have said before that it was unbelievably difficult to be planning a funeral and stuff like that instead of buying clothes, a… View Post

Today I am officially over the half way mark…20 weeks and 3 days to be precise and positively relieved to have our 20 week scan out of the way. It has certainly been an anxious week, and whilst a teensy bit excited to be able to have an opportunity to see the baby again, my fears of it not panning out once again and worries of absolutely everything that might be… View Post