Monday 18th July – TODAY IS THE DAY…Its 4 something in the morning on the day of my induction. I am 38+3 and in just a few short hours I will call the delivery suite and ask if they have space for me and what time I should head in to begin the process. I haven’t slept well at all last night, perhaps 3 hours? not the best when I am… View Post

Since about 20 weeks pregnant, or rather from the moment we were assured that things in this pregnancy were progressing “normally” I began to make plans of what pram, crib and changing bag I might want this time round. I have waited til almost the end of pregnancy to actually purchase these items due to all of my apprehensions, but I got there in the end buying my crib a… View Post

You’d think by pregnancy number 4 I would be able to tell the difference between false labour and the real thing, but apparently not! Monday evening of this week, after a weekend of cramping, tightening’s, an inability to settle and general niggling s, I found myself in hospital being examined and a good hour of monitoring only to be told several hours later that nothing was happening and most likely… View Post

I have heard it said, and seen too many times, the struggle in many a mothers eyes as they come to terms with the loss of their sweet baby and just long to know if they can really call themselves “A Mother”? The desperation for this reassurance that they are is a very raw and ongoing part of grief following the loss of a baby, and since getting pregnant for… View Post