We were excited to recently receive a box of goodies from Hallmark, to celebrate the launch of their new Frozen range of itty bittys. Super soft and beautiful, these little plush toys are the latest to join the Disney Family of itty bittys at Hallmark and will make for great stocking fillers, baby gifts or just general gifts for little ones who love Frozen. Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven are all… View Post

Ever since we visited York’s Chocolate story a couple of months ago, and heard of “Wasabi KitKats” in Japan, we have been most intrigued to sample them and see the wonders of Japenese chocolate! So when Yutaka asked us this week to create some Easter Truffles using their Japenese ingredients, we were both excited and a little curious. I would admit that I am a boarder-line chocoholic and will sample… View Post

Yesterday I tried my hand at Hungarian Pancakes! In the words of my kids “they were the best Pancakes ever” which I assure you is purely down to the fact that these pancakes are much sweeter than your regular fluffy breakfast sorts or crepes, and more of a dessert pancake, so therefore being the little sugar monsters that they are, I wouldn’t expect anything less. We have a little bit… View Post

Last year my parents bought us a juicer for Christmas. It was something I wanted and was very excited for to boost our vitamin intake and generally be a little healthier. Whilst I still have a tonne of juice combos I want to test out, so far it has become something we use very regularly and something the kids especially love to help with! One thing that did concern me… View Post