Most of my childhood half terms and school holidays were spent around the UK on the most wonderful camping trips. At least when it was sunny they were wonderful. I also have the odd memory of complete washouts, feeling freezing as the rain beat down on the tent and falling head first into mud when the car got stuck in the field we were camping in! Overall though I have… View Post

I almost feel like this post is a predictable one following Ethan starting school this week, but it is one I want to write anyway. On Wednesday we packed a picnic and the kids into the car and enjoyed our last midweek family day out to Fountains Abbey before Ethan started “big School”… It is ran by the National trust and so very family friendly, easy paths, lots to explore… View Post

Whilst we absolutely love to travel, see the sights of the world, have adventures and soak some rays in a foreign land, we’re not really those people that “live for the holidays”! You know working to mainly go on holiday after holiday and counting down to the next one the day they get back? Yeah its just not us. We do work hard and save for holidays but its not… View Post

After several weeks of asking me if he could go somewhere to learn to dance, I finally found a reasonably priced local dance class for Ethan to join. With being on a budget and not sure if he would actually enjoy it, I didnt want to pay out loads and have that pressure. Local to us is a small company that run various kids classes that range from £2 to… View Post