I suppose it’s a little sad to be writing about a date night we had a couple of weeks ago (people have them all the time), but it was both a novelty for us and an absolute bargain – so for those reasons I had to share with you all! So, as I say a couple of weeks ago Mr Smith and I enjoyed a lovely date night out to… View Post

Yesterday I had the pleasure of enjoying a very gorgeous lunch with my lovely sister in law and fellow blogger Esther , (and a selection of our tribe of kids) at the Dormouse in York. Part of the vintage Inn family, it was most certainly a hearty meal, in lush surroundings that were oozing with the history one would expect when visiting York! Located on Clifton Park Avenue in York (just… View Post

Eating out with kids these days has become a bit of an ordeal. It’s a battle to keep them in their seats and then their hands off your drinks so you can keep it floaty free! Yes its a lot more crowd control than relaxing together over a nice meal and I sometimes wonder why we even bother. From the moment they step through the door, their manners leave and… View Post

I was pretty excited to be invited on Friday evening to the new Ecco pizzeria in Leeds to sample some of their menu and to see what makes them different. I am a pizza lover and I am not afraid to admit it, so I was pretty much in my element. The food was gorgeous and I cannot wait for date night to roll round so that we have an excuse… View Post