Back in January we set a family goal to visit London this Winter! We’ve loved our little adventures in London in the past, but as we head towards Christmas, I know that this City really comes alive with wonderous activities and pretty lights, and I thought it would be so lovely to share all of that magic with the Kids.  For most parent’s, I think Winter is a welcomed magical time from… View Post

Reading is one of life’s great pleasures. Opening the page of a new book can be so exciting and with each page turn, you open up a world of possibilities that transport you to places you’ve never even dreamed of visiting! I adore reading to my children – snuggled up together and changing the voices for each character – I certainly hope that they’ll grow to share my passion for… View Post

As I arrived at the entrance to Kings Cross station on Saturday evening following a great (and very busy) day at Blogfest. I was greeted by 2 tired, soggy and very giddy children whom I call my kids! They had spent the day being tourists in London with daddy, and whilst they had walked a total of 11 miles, being rained on and being on far too many tubes to… View Post

  There are certain parts of the UK that I absolutley love; partly because of the picturesque scenery and how lovely it is, how happy I feel to be there and then partly because of the nostalgia I feel when there… you know those treaured memories of childhood fun and adventure from school holidays or family days out, the ones that make me happy to return and thoughts that just… View Post