I really love my bargains this month, and I am thinking because its mainly for me and nearly all accessories! They are very much reflective of the approaching cooler season (though right now this mild weather is lush) and just a few little things I picked up to spruce up my look. I begin in Primark, where I honestly believe is such a dangerous place to visit these days. £1,… View Post

Hello March!!! Well what can I say other than at the moment I am currently feeling quite a bright and comfy pregnant lady as I have began to build my maternity wardrobe…Sadly this wasn’t the case a couple of weeks ago, when hormonal and in our usual rush to get out of the door I had a mini meltdown over the reoccurring female issues of “I have nothing to wear”!… View Post

Last week wasn’t the best of weeks and so one of my friends called and asked if I fancied a couple of hours retail therapy and chats – I liked the idea and did need to go find something suitable for a funeral and my every growing body, but wondered if Megsie fancied it, thankfully she obliged as soon as we made the deal she could rent one of the… View Post

Last Saturday, as many of you are already aware, my husband and I attended “The Butterfly Awards” – an award ceremony for those connected to infant loss and an event that was strictly “black tie” !! I have been excited for the dress code for quite some time and wondered what the heck I was going to wear for it?! I do love to dress up, love to be a little… View Post