Why Responsive Web Design?

Before I started Blogging back in 2014, I was pretty clueless when it came to all the tech stuff- especially web design. I quickly discovered though that user experience and aesthetics are just as important as the content and, the fundamental reason behind every successful website purchase or conversion.

My blog has undergone many a transformation to update it’s look, feel and navigation over the years – to something more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly, but also, because this site represents me and my brand and I want it to have a certain look and feel! No matter how many fancy parts your websites has though and no matter how good your brand or product, if it is not friendly to use on multiple devices then you stand to lose sales, readers and opportunities (over gaining them). Patience is thin in this day and age and attention span even more so.

My talent’s and knowledge in the area of web design are still very limited. I can offer a lot more knowledge than most people I know who do not work with their own website/online, but if you are launching a business over a blog, I would recommend you look to hire a professional. This is because with responsive web design you are ensured that the user visiting your site, whether it be on a laptop, tablet or mobile device, is getting the very best experience and feels compelled to continue browsing and hopefully converting their interest into a sale. This also ensures that your SEO and customer demands are being satisfied completely on search engines like Google too.

Why is it such an important factor in today’s businesses?

Smaller screens present less columns of text and allow users to not cram everything into a small space and then end up becoming frustrated. It is an expected quality by users in today’s marketplace which has been adopted by businesses large and small, allowing connectivity with consumers at any time and increasing sales and search volumes with people searching on the move.

When your website has embraced its responsive elements, it means that users can easily switch between laptop or desktop computers to smartphone or even change orientation of their device, yet the website will automatically modify to fit whatever screen present without losing its optimum layout.

How to Start

Don’t worry about being new to this area – we all have to start somewhere and many have yet to adopt this new way of web working. But, to help you understand the starting point there are a few things you will want to focus on – these include mobile Optimisation and thumb friendliness.

Mobile optimisation is the most important as over 50% of global website traffic is attributed to mobile devices use. It’s all about the user’s desire for simplicity and convenience whilst searching for products on the move. Previously, businesses may have had to operate two separate websites for phone and computer use. Today, however whether it is a blog or website you are creating, it is easier and more cost efficient to run an all in one which adapts to multiple devices (such as mobile phones and tablets). Well, at least much easier than losing more than half of your site’s visitors because they opt to view on a mobile device!

When considering the desired layout on your web page, you need to consider much more than just resolutions and proportions. You need to consider the one item that enables the scroll on your page – The Thumb.

For most users, this one human quality is the cursor that navigates your website on handheld devices, which requires navigation bars and interactive buttons to be placed in a more central fashion and friendly enough to receive a thumbs up instead of a thumbs down on design.

Who to Start?

Responsive web design is a key to success and to effectively implement such an important feature you are going to need the best key cutter to let you into the winning room first time. Many businesses opt to outsource their work to Stockport website design agencies to both make their websites responsive and also build on areas such as SEO and a social media presence.

I am quite confident with a lot of what I do, but then again it is all quite basic stuff too. However, to be able to successfully transition into the requirements for effective trading on the internet, it is a given that digital agencies play a vital role in bringing businesses up to the current standards expected of them online. Whatever venture you have, or if you want to just optimise your current site, then it is definitely an investment to look into.

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