The Rise of the #Granfluencer

We live in a world where “Influencer” has now become a job for many. Social media has transformed the world and there are people all over the planet capturing snippets of life, beautiful images and the things that make them happy. We can connect to other (like minded) people and share parts of our life and thoughts like never before. I love that we can share insights, opinions, perspectives and document our days through images, video and of course captions, and follow and find life inspiration and ideas from others doing the same.

And, the amazing thing is that you can make money this way too – travel, food, fashion and interior influencers are massive and make some bare dollar (yes I did just use the phrase “bare dollar!”).

It would be easy to assume that this is a younger generational interest and area of work as we hear about so many teens and up to 30’s who seem to post, and share and create online. However I find it greatly inspiring that in actual fact, there is a huge rise in the granfluencer realms – men and women in their golden years are not only sharing their world views, snippets of life and insights on places like Instagram and TikTok, but they are also gaining a huge following and totally bossing it; making “bare dollar” and creating brilliant content.

If you are a little older and like the idea of joining the “influencer” realms, then go for it! In fact, mature clothing brand chums has a new campaign providing all the information one would need to become an influencer at an older age, as well as the inspiration in the form of a #granfluencer rich list, which shows just how much money can actually be made from this line of work – especially in later years.

if you thought retirement or becoming old was boring, think again – social media has literally enabled people of all ages to make money, have a presence, develop a hobby and show life through their eyes to others. Success within social media, especially later in life, creates so many more opportunities and I think at this stage of life, it would definitely enable you to have the retirement you imagine – travel, cruises, a carefree lifestyle and treating your kids and grandkids!

I personally don’t class myself as an influencer (though I suppose in many ways I do fall into that umbrella blogging and dabbling in Insta). Perhaps its more of a case that I am not that big (though sometimes wish I were ha) and that I find the title slightly cringe! But even so, with my small following (thanks guys) I can say that there is room for everyone to be collaborating with brands and companies and making some money from it! And even though my earnings aren’t nearly as big as some of these or other influencers my age, it all adds up and enables me to be at home more with the kids and have the extra treats in life!

But even without that (the money), I love that these older men and women are doing this because they seem to love it and in doing so, they are rocking mature fashion and a healthy lifestyle and, more importantly, giving us alternative role models. I particularly like @iconaccidental and @trainwithjoan from canada (what a bod at 75 – now that’s inspiring). These women (and others I follow) are showing us great things to aspire to – in mind, body and soul – that are healthy, confident and long lasting. And when I look at these accounts, they don’t make me compare or feel insecure like some in my generation can, but rather they make me smile and give me something to aim for (#lifegoals) and so I for one am pleased to see that there is a rise in #granfluencers – the world needs their reality and life perspective!

*Collaborative Post

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