5 Tips For Creating Fabulous Travel Videos

Travelling, especially to a dream destination, fills you with such a sense of awe, adventure and joy. It is only natural that on such trips that you would want to preserve the memories of those special and extraordinary moments of your dream holiday. Photography is lovely, but shooting your own travel video can be just the thing that can help you treasure those dream moments for years to come. How much fun is it to watch videos back and relish in the adventures once again? 

If like me you are a bit of a novice, don’t let this put you off. Here are a few tips that will enable you to create a winning travel video just like a pro on your next little (or big) adventure!

Proceed with a Story

For a sense of continuity, your travel video should be based on a specific theme. A pre-decided theme will help you to chalk out beforehand what to shoot and what not to – This will make the whole process faster and more precise.

Instead of creating one big video of the entire tour or trip, a collage of small videos on varying theme’s will be a smarter way to go. For example, one could be on the local cuisine while another could be focussed more on the history of that part of the world. 

Beware of excessively shaky clips

One of the worst mistakes of amateur videography is of course shaky clips! If the clips you shoot are excessively shaky, unfortunately even your video editor won’t be able to do much to correct them and it would be such a shame that something easily avoidable could ruin your otherwise fabulous travel video.

To prevent shaky clips as much as possible, you must make sure to stand/sit still while filming the video. Also, do not walk during recording (in case you ever need to walk, proceed slowly with tight control on your movements).Hold your camera with both hands for extra stability and try to have the camera held closer to body. Finally, don’t stretch your hands & camera towards the targeted subject, rather you should take yourself slowly towards that subject.

Shoot in Horizontal Orientation (Landscape!)

It’s common to hold your phone in portrait angle while taking pictures (I personally prefer landscape). But when you are taking a video, always go for wide angle shots, i.e. try to shoot horizontally and landscape as much as possible. Videos shot in the portrait orientation look good on a phone screen but not so great when viewed on bigger screens. When a video shot vertically is opened on a wider screen, for example say a computer, you will find it being flanked by two unwanted dark bars on two sides. You certainly don’t want that with your travel videos, and so it’s better to shoot the video always in a horizontal position.

Aim for “Golden Hour”

For those not familiar with this term (it’s fairly new to me too), “Golden Hour” is that time of a day when sun is in close proximity to the horizon, which results in ethereal colors, lights and shadows. Videos or photos that are shot in this golden light are unmistakably epic. So, try to shoot just before the sun sets and the sky is adorned with mesmerizing orange/reddish shades. The time just before sunrise also makes the golden hour.

Also, on the subject of light – try to avoid shooting at night as much as possible (given the absence of proper light) videos will be grainy and poor quality. In situations, where you will have to, try to carry external light (perhaps on underground tours or poorly lit attractions you want to remember).

Edit your video

For fabulous travel videos, always edit!! It is that simple – Do not upload the raw footage on social media or travel blogs. You should always edit the video for a professional touch before uploading, this will ensure it is clipped, audio is good and perhaps you might want to add text or soundtracks.

Uploading raw recordings could possess numerous problems that instantly will look ammature – shaky clips, unwanted shadows, unnecessary extra clips and so on. Low audio could be another problem with the video. A video editor program will help you to clear all of these woes and be the difference between ammature and pro looking travel vids. A good example here would be Movavi Video Editor. It serves as an advanced video music editor and also helps with other major & minor modifications. These include addition of special effects, transitions and so on.

Travel is such a wonderful gift in life, and capturing those moments and dreams via a fabulous video, is not only fun, but following these easy steps will fill you with such a sense of pride and joy each time you look back on it and share it with friends and family.

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  1. February 12, 2019 / 1:04 pm

    Great tips. Now i know what to look for when shooting video on my trips.

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