Plush Jersey Dress – ZARA TRF

Aside from eBay hustles for second hand maternity wear, my wardrobe purchases have been rather limited recently. I don’t have a huge need to buy much as I am almost into my third trimester and what I have will most likely see me through the next few months. I have however used some of my birthday money and vouchers for a couple of things  – some that will crossover and one jumper that I just loved too much to not get it! But, when I received an email for the Zara sale which was commencing on black Friday, I couldn’t resist a little look (obvs!).

There were some really lovely things, but unless it is in a charity shop, I am trying really hard to only buy clothing that I will be wearing right now and shortly after the birth and then shop for newer stuff (if I want to) once I am in that season of life where normal stuff fits better (she says after also buying a summer shirt last week for a fiver in H&M, but it was breastfeeding friendly soooooo….).

I have been looking for a while for a casual jumper dress that would do mainly for now, but possibly after baby too. I was excited to spy this lush black Jersey Dress for £9.99 down from £17.99 (which they still have limited stock/colours available if you too would like it) so I bagged it.  It is “oversized”, has 2 pockets and is super comfy with leggings and high tops for a casual but cool look whilst out and about in most seasons. I really like the length and fit of it – it’s just so chill to wear and feels very me too!

I may also wear it with boots too and a necklace/fur scarf to dress it up a bit in coming weeks, but I am more than happy to keep it as a comfy casual go to for daily wear with pumps, trainers or “ugg” style boots.

When I came back to buy it (after some crowd control with the kids), the medium had sold out in black (which is my go to size at Zara) so I risked it with a small. Even with being 25 weeks preggo, it’s oversized style offers ample room to wear for a little while longer during my pregnancy and then will most definitely be a key comfort piece to look forward to digging out next year too!

Trying hard not to buy too much, but I am tots loving my new plush jersey dress from Zara – £9.99 is such a bargain for a cool look and lots of comfort, and is a purchase I am glad I made!

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