Packing For France

Packing for a family holiday, whilst all very nuts, is also one of my favourite things to do! I love the excited vibe of that our trip is finally in reach and I love to imagine each memory and adventure that might be created in those little outfits, as I lovingly fold the kids clothes into their cases. I myself have several items of clothing that are my go to for holidays now, and whilst getting a little old, they have been all around the world with me and I love the memories they evoke when I pick them out for a new adventure.

This week has been very much about getting ready for our family holiday to France – I have been getting on top of laundry, Ironing, cleaning and of course – packing. I have mastered packing light and love that we don’t take much more than what is needed for the duration of our holiday. These days, on our European adventures for a week at a time I tend to pack pretty light with only a small case each. It probably has a lot to do with usually flying budget & relying only on a small case for free (Thanks Ryanair for crushing that dream!). But either way I am happy with travelling lighter than i once did and only taking what we need.

The kids stuff were the first things to be packed towards the end of last week, as I didn’t want to be fishing out grass stained shorts from the bottom of the laundry, or hunting for lost sandals at the last minute. It felt so refreshing to be organised and to have it all ironed and neatly folded away in their little cases by the weekend so I could focus on our stuff and then the cleaning up mission for our return (we all want to come home to a clean house!).

I was spoilt for choice at what to take for the kids out of 7 outfit combos (plus a couple of spares), but for me however I have struggled a little bit to know what to take on this holiday! I have wanted to find a comfy T Shirt dress for sightseeing, but haven’t found anything that isn’t uber clingy or too short so I think there has been an element of frustration their that I don’t have exactly what I want!  And I also struggle to know what I will feel like wearing in the future (anyone else?). I think that part of my struggle also has to do with the fact that we are going to Paris on our first day and that being one of the fashion capitals, I kinda wanted to feel/ look a bit cool whilst there (but also had to consider practicalities of walking miles in 30 c weather!). I know it’s silly but when you have imagined visiting somewhere for so long, you don’t want to rock up in any old thing (hahah!).

Anyway, in the end here are the outfits I found myself packing for a week in France. We will be doing a mixture of sightseeing and beach, plenty of travel and walking, (and lets not forget eating!) which is all pretty standard for us. Therefore it is mostly about comfort (and style) when deciding what to take!

Dresses/Skirts – NONE! Unfortunately. I tried on several of my dresses and skirts and yet none of them felt right for this trip. But, if you know of any knee length baggy Tshirt dresses please send deets my way.

Shorts/T Shirts/Tops/Trousers – I love denim shorts on holidays with both a Tshirt or a fancier top. They are summery and of course – practical when sitting all over the place, travelling on public transport and bending down to the kids level to help them. This holiday I have packed my denim shorts that I got second hand in the states last year, with my Zara red stripe/embroidery T Shirt for a chill day and then with my ASOS boxy button up shirt for sightseeing. I have also packed my black old navy shorts (another US barg last year) with my latest charity shop find – a funky orange River Island T (only £1.99 at an RSPCA charity shop!).

I have also packed my H&M leopard print trousers and flouncy black T Shirt (also H&M). The top is great with trousers and shorts and its a lovely outfit for either a day out or of we go out for dinner. Its likely though I will wear this combo on our return journey as it is another comfy one!

Jumpsuits – I’ve realised in writing this post that I have a bit of an obsession for jumpsuits, but who can blame me ? They’re so comfy for travel and summer and I love that some of these have also become my trusty travel companions too. Into the case first, without fail, was my polka dot cropped one which has been everywhere from the Yorkshire coast to Venice and Tuscany with us. It is getting pretty old, but I love it for over swimwear when walking to and from the beach or pool – its cool and comfy!

I also have my Topshop animal print cropped one (that has been to the Grand canyon) and that I really love for Summer! I am going to travel in this one with a pink T instead of my go to black with it –  have packed an extra black one though incase I want an extra option one evening! And then I am taking my new leopard print jumpsuit that I found in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago for just 2.99! I think I might where this (or the black shorts outfit) for sightseeing in Paris as both are really comfy and a little funky too!

Shoes – I am only taking 2 pairs of shoes on this holiday! I will be wearing my black £5.99 sandals from Lidl to go in and for around the pool/beach (still going strong after a year!). And then my new Hotter tourist sandals for Paris, Le Mans and Nantes!

Swimsuits – I have realised that I struggle to buy swimwear for my self for several reasons (and probably another post). I did however find a cool one in Asda of all places this week for only £12.50. I really like the animal print and tropical combo and it makes me feel confident in it – I just love it!

So, I will be taking that along with my one strap orange floral one (I think I have a thing for tropical flowers on swimwear ha!).

I have several pairs of earrings and some headbands in there too to give my outfits a little something extra and, most of these things are interchangeable to create other outfit combos too if I change my mind! But, My oh my – I cannot believe that we are going on holiday (Yahooo!). I am so excited to explore France with the fam – see more incredible places in this world and create more wonderful memories together! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to see what we get up to.

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