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I love the outdoors – be it a stroll in the countryside or through a forest, a dip in the sea or a paddle in a stream – being outside is just so great for the soul. And, as I have matured (I hope) I have realised more and more how important it is to have the right gear to get the most out of it. Thanks to TOG24, I am now more equipped for the things I love to do and can be both comfortable and stylish whilst being out and about in my soft shell hooded jacket, zip neck shire fleece and walking trousers.

We live in East Yorkshire; nicely situated with the Wolds on our doorstep and the Yorkshire coast a stone’s throw away. Walking, beaches and generally being out and about in nature are a big part of our lifestyle, and so when TOG 24 offered me some pieces to try I was eager to put them through their paces.

TOG24 is a Yorkshire company with roots in the Spen valley – not far from where we used to live – and so their stuff has been created with the terrain, climate and lifestyle of Yorkshire life in mind. I love this about their brand, and that their stuff is made for the everyday comfort and practicalities of life out and about.

I went for a jacket, trousers and fleece as I felt these were all key pieces for the things we do.

Though it is summer, we are all aware that the weather here in the UK is unpredictable and a good jacket is essential. The softshell hooded jacket is water-resistant, windproof and has a snug bonded microfleece lining. I love it as it is lightweight (rolls up in your back pack and easy to wear), but is also warm and weather proof. It is a great jacket for walking and popping on for cooler days. I chose the dark coral as I love colourful clothing and it makes me happy to have a bright jacket for the outdoors, however this also comes in an array of other colours and is currently on sale at £39 instead of it’s usual £85!

As Autumn approaches, I know it will be super useful both for nipping to school and the random showers that always come, as well as walks around the coast and wolds.

I am usually a hoodie gal when I need a jumper, but decided to branch out to a fleece! The shire fleece with zip neck is a lightweight classic microfleece and is a cosy addition to my wardrobe. I have loved this over the last few weeks to chuck on after being in the North sea, at the beach late or just when out and about; it is super soft and snuggly to wear and looks great too with denim shorts, jeans, leggings and even my wetsuit for a chilled and cosy look! It is a simple piece and I chose Navy as I felt it would be a more versatile colour (which it has been). Again it comes in an array of colours and is currently on sale from £32 to £16. Definitely converted to wearing fleece down at the beach – it’s a game changer!

Finally I completely branched out to trying a pair of walking trousers! Megs told me I looked like her Brownie leader in them (which I am not sure was a compliment), but even so these storm grey walking trousers are soft, smooth and very comfortable. At first I felt weird wearing them, but only because I have associated them with middle aged women (which I am not) and often opt for a good pair of leggings or jean shorts for a hike/walk. These are a completely different style to what I am used to, but they are super comfortable to wear, feel great on and are very practical. They are long length (i’m 5ft 8) which is great and amazing to move and climb in! They will definitely look better with a walking boot, but I am pleased with them for when we go walking in cooler weather. Again these are also on offer from £50 to £35.

Tog24 are not super cheap, but then again it is quality and designed to last and do the job required. They value the fact your money is hard earned and want you to get the most from it, so whilst I am all about the bargain, I am also aware that with some things (like a jacket for example) it is absolutely worth paying for quality to have both comfort and endurance in return. However, with TOG24’s outlet and current summer sale, you can get both – quality outdoor attire for all the family and fab prices. Their stuff runs in sizes 8 to 20 for women and are true to size… I wear a 12 and found it gives a good fit, though if you want to layer up, maybe try a size up.

I love been out and about in my TOG24 gear and am reminded that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! If you have the right gear, then being outdoors is a great adventure – whatever the weather. Yorkshire made and great prices – what’s not to love?

*Collaborative Post. Tog24 gifted these 3 items in return for an honest review both on my blog and social media. Hop over to their site to see if anything takes your fancy to enhance your outdoor adventures. 

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