Maternity PJ’s

With more time spent at home these days and the colder winter weather outside, there is nothing like cosying up in some lovely PJ’s – candles lit, a good film and warm drink. It feels so homely and idyllic! Being almost 32 weeks pregnant now and feeling that all familiar “stretched to the max” feeling, this has become quite an ordinary scene for me in recent weeks, and I have been grateful to have discovered some lovely PJ’S to relax in.

Like other maternity clothes, I have found it a bit of an ordeal to find some maternity PJ’s that I really loved! I have discovered a great lack of colour and pattern options and of course, the fact that you pay double the price for the privilege of a bit more room kinda stresses my bargain mentality! During my hunt I was excited to see some gorgeous ones in ASOS, however then, when you get to the maternity section, it all just seemed to get a bit boring.

I did however manage to grab a couple of more funky pairs after a lot of searching and so here are a few pairs I found that are both reasonable in price and look super nice too.

Chelsea Peers Leopard Pyjamas 

These lush Pj’s from Chelsea Peers NY are most definitely at the top of my list and are worth every penny. I am pretty certain that this gem of a store is my new fave for PJ’s – they are all just so cool and beautiful!!

The price tag on these is much more than I would have initially have liked to have spent (about £30 I think), however with birthday money a couple of months ago I decided to treat myself and honestly they have been one of the best purchases I have made this pregnancy! Wearing them is a dream and has shown me that with some things, it really is worth paying a little more for!

How cool is the print? I love them so much! The colour is a little more green than the images show, and they are really comfortable, wash well and just feel beautiful to wear. The quality is fabulous and once again – I LOVE the pattern – oh so much – and literally everything on their site is so beautiful for both maternity and none!

I am loving wearing them now and I look forward to having them to wear during the day when baby is here too as they feel so nice and relaxed, whilst looking a bit fabulous (and useful top for feeding!).

Boohoo Snugly Leopard Print 

I love these boohoo PJ’s / Lounge set to snuggle up and lounge in – especially after a cold country walk! They are a little oversized for me (I should have got the next size down – these are a large) but even so I find them warm and comfortable with my knitted socks to chill out in.

I think I am almost certain that I probably resemble somewhat of a large bear whilst in them, but they are proper chill none the less.

I like that these are animal print (obvs) but are also a bit more colourful than usual! The fleece is warm and cosy and the fit is comfy.

I am not hugely into plain things as you have probably picked up on by now (unless the colour is a little brighter) and nor am I particularly keen on slogan PJ’s either or nightshirts (again unless it is really “me”). I much prefer things that are patterned and colourful, and feel looser and comfy – especially now I am in later pregnancy and bigger and aching! I find that good PJ’s are such an essential in pregnancy and beyond as a lot of time is spent resting, at home, feeding and just feeling massive – so you don’t want tight restrictive clothing! With pregnancy and a lock down, I am grateful for some lovely PJ’s to lounge in and sleep in too!

Here are a couple more pairs that I think are really comfy and lovely too – Polka dot set from Boohoo and Leopard print set from New Look. Let me know if you have found any lovely ones too!

*This post is not in collaboration with anyone, just sharing some faves!

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