H&M Button top worn 4+ ways!

H&M have a really good sale on right now and so of course I had to have a little snoop last week whilst I was recovering from a virus (It had to be done!). With 70% off on a tonne of stuff, there are some really great deals to be had and several gems to find!

I have been on the hunt for a while now for some plain, but subtly cool tops with little details, that I can wear in rotation with lots of things. I suppose it is a sign of my age (I don’t know), but I am into building up a capsule wardrobe with more statement pieces that can intermix with plain and colourful tops and jumpers or, statement jumpers and tops to pair with jeans and plain trousers. I have a nice little collection of patterned skirts and trousers at the moment and so have really wanted to start getting a few more plainer tops in colour or neutrals with subtle details to pair with them. I find it makes life easier to have this approach and also cuts down on packing when we go away because you have lots of things that go together.

Whilst sniffing around the sale last week, I came across this lovely top with buttons for a steal at £4 from £12.99! I loved it instantly and it ticked all the boxes. It has a comfy casual vibe, but the button detail and ribbed fabric dress it up a little, giving it the perfect mash of basic and subtly cool (Winner!).  They have it in white too, and not only was it a massive saving, but it is also a really comfortable and versatile piece.

I want to show you in this post how I plan to wear this £4 little gem – Obviously this is along with my style ideas, and may not necessarily be your idea, but perhaps it will give you some inspo for things in your own wardrobe if you like it. After all, if you can get a cool top for 4 quid that is going to go with lots of things, it is not only a bargain but an investment too!

First up – Cool and Comfy 

This is how I wore it yesterday. After spending a week pretty much confined to my bed with illness, and still feeling delicate, I needed something comfy for the school run. I was also conscious that I also didn’t want to look ratty and like I had just spent a week in bed and so I popped on my red tracksuit bottoms (bought in the H&M sale a couple of years ago for £5), this new top and a black bow headband. I paired it with white pumps and my leather jacket for a winning, comfy school run mum look!

Classic Jeans

This is one of my most flexible options as I have several washes of jeans and It can be worn with any number of them. For a chilled weekend or school run look it will be good to throw on with jeans and high tops/trainers. But it will also be dressed up for a date night or meal out with jeans and ankle boots or mules!

With a Skirt 

As I said I have a few patterned skirts that I would love to wear it with, but I think it goes best with my leopard print stretch skirt (basically vintage it is so old!). It would be great with trainers as you see or even with my black sandals or colorful shoes for everyday wear. If I wanted to dress it up then I would add my zebra print A line skirt and colorful shoes!

With Statement trousers

I have a few pairs of floral and animal print trousers. I like them with pumps at this time of year, or ankle boots in cooler weather. This top will go great with all of them for a dressy/smart casual look!

This buttoned top is a little shorter than I thought it would be on me, but it turns out it works well all the same and I love it. It is quite thin fabric too which makes it light to wear and great for Spring and Autumn (or cooler summer days). It will be great with scarves in the Winter or these outfits with sandals too when the weather warms up a bit. I am really pleased with this little gem of a top and will look forward to wearing it on rotation in the coming months.

I am now contemplating if I need a white one too?

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