Finding my perfect fit with Hotter

Last week I was invited by the lovely ladies at Hotter to take the challenge and see if they could find me my perfect fit – of shoes that is, I already have my forever man! I had my eye on a pair of cow print sandals for the Summer that I had seen when I met them at a recent blogging event and imagined how cool they were going to be as a statement piece. But, I quickly realised that I would be spoilt for choice when I entered my local store in Beverley, because much to my former beliefs, Hotter encompass both style and comfort. And, whilst I initially assumed (wrongfully) that their shoes were targeted at my mum and grandma’s age group (and my own coolness would be compromised by wearing them), I soon saw that they have plenty of choice for people just like us youngsters in our 30s, that are beautiful, comfortable and very cool!

In the end I didn’t leave with the aforementioned cow print ones, but rather left with this lush rose gold and tan pair of sandals from their new tourist range which retail at £62 a pair. They have loads of colours in this style and I wish I’d have seen the red ones  when I was there, because they quite possibly would have been my first choice. I didn’t though and really love these ones anyway.

I have been wearing them most days since getting them fitted and really do love them. They are super comfortable, versatile with anything from skinny jeans and dungarees to animal print skirts and maxi skirts and I have quite easily walked over 6 miles some days in them and found them to be so easy to wear with no rubbing, blisters or pinchy areas which you can often get from new shoes. They are brilliant and bouncy when running for the kids at school (I take the term school run literally – and these are so supportive of that!) and offer good value too!

Finding my Perfect Fit

We put our feet through so much; from running errands, running for the kids, buses or the train. We can walk several miles a day to and from school, extra curricular activities, shops and work. And since finding my perfect fit with Hotter I realise you can never underestimate a proper fitting shoe! Hotters current Fit Fortnight campaign (running from the 3rd -27th May) is designed to help their customers find perfectly fitting shoes by measuring their feet and providing expert advice! But their passion for good fitting shoes and stylish comfort runs throughout their business all of the time!

When I went to my local store in Beverley, I was greeted by the lovely Lisa who spent time guiding me through the fitting process, and educating me on how to tell if a shoe fits well/the need for good fitting shoes – I found it fascinating.

For starters I cannot recall a time I have ever had my feet measured as an adult (mistake #1). It turns out that whilst I have been wearing a size 6 my entire adult life, I am actually a 6.5 on one foot and a 7 on the other – no wonder some of my shoes pinch my big toe after a while!

A proper fitting shoe should have about a thumb nail distance between your toe and shoe (about 1/2 inch or so) and anything from weightloss to age can affect your shoe size, so it is important to have them measured regularly. I realise that since having kids that this has most likely increased my shoe size by a half – full size and that I am a normal width, not a wide like I have sometimes thought.

Once I had my perfect size, I browsed the shoes I wanted and she fitted them to me – checking that they were comfortable all round – I felt like cinders for a moment! I then walked around the store – doing a few tippy toes and over exaggerated moves as you do to check they felt good, before being overly excited at just how lovely and comfy they really were. I was so pleased!

I have since been waiting to find a fault, perhaps a long day on my feet and a little blister, but I am pleased to report that they are super comfy and fit wonderfully. I have had zero trouble!

Why you should have good fitting shoes

Having good fitting shoes isn’t just about being comfortable from day to day, but it also carries a whole host of health benefits too. I am assuming that we are all guilty at one time or another of having gone out dancing in heels that kill our feet, but we see it through to look good?! Well this goes beyond that and the odd blister. Not having proper fitting shoes from day to day can at a minimum cause rubbing, pinching and blisters, but long term can cause you to have bunions and a very painful condition known as plantar Fasciitis (felt in your heels, feet and legs).

This information blew me away and made me realise that getting your feet measured regularly and looking after them is so important for a healthy and happy life.

And a few more styles to tempt you….

Like my initial surprise with Hotter styles, I have seen the surprised look on peoples faces when they find out that these beauts came from Hotter! It is the same surprised look I gave when I spotted the cow print ones at blogon the other week, and the surprise at the other great styles I found in store when I visited. But the truth is (and the secret is out) that Hotter shoes actually do cater for younger women too and they are evidence you can have comfort and style together.

Just take a look at these other rose gold and silvery numbers that I snapped some pics of whilst there, in a hope that they will tempt you in to your local store, to see if you can find your perfect fit too! I especially love the brogue style trainer the most and of course, the ones I am proud to own and rock on most sunny days. They are going to be super for sightseeing in Paris this Summer and generally for day to day mum life. Being from the tourist range they offer support and comfort without being a not so attractive walking sandal, enabling you to look stylish and be comfortable wherever you are this summer!

Finally, you can keep up to date with the latest on trend shoes, boots and sandals, as well as being the first to get their offers, by downloading the free Hotter App now! It also offers you the option to be able to create a wish list too.

I am so pleased with these Hotter sandals and still completely amazed that I am a 6.5 -7 and not a 6 like I have thought for the last 20 yrs! I am glad to have discovered their secret – style, comfort and the perfect fit all in one!

Thank you Hotter for finding me my perfect fit – i’m coming for those red ones soon!

Thank you to Hotter for inviting me along to have these lovely shoes fitted to me properly. The shoes were gifted for the purpose of this post and campaign! 


  1. May 27, 2019 / 2:48 pm

    Oh I love this Mary and I bet they are super comfy. I have a pair of Hotter boots that I live in all Winter, and every summer I tell myself I am going to treat myself to a pair of sandals x

  2. June 14, 2019 / 6:36 am

    Wow! I love rose gold shoes and it really looks super comfy!

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