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Yesterday, Alice and I had a day out in Hull. We attempted the schoolhouse museum, but unfortunately it was closed and so we quickly found ourselves exploring the minster and later Ferens Art Gallery (which by the way, she loved as they have a great texture exhibit on at the moment!). I had already planned to do a bit of shopping whilst there, and after more time than I wanted in Primark (isn’t that always the case?) I left with a giant bag, filled with new things for the kids and a nice little bundle of bargainous accessories for me – to update my look for Spring/Summer.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a bit of a magpie and just loved buying and owning some lovely accessories and bling (I take after my grandma in that way – as well as bleaching my hair)! Whilst none of it is ever that posh or pricey, I love them and find they make such a difference to an outfit or look. Of course this season is very much about hair stuff, with head bands and scrunchies adorning the racks of most high street stores. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was 10 or 11 and my mum was sewing us scrunchies up by the dozen, and our awkward fringes were swept back in a fat hairband – and yet here I am in 2019 buying up scrunchies and headbands to wear with pride once more (only a little less awkwardly I hope).

As someone who does a lot with my hair regularly, I love that hair accessories are a big thing this season. I am loving both these scarf looking headbands and the scrunchies too and only wish I had grabbed a bunch more, now that I know I look pretty good in them (my own opinion and that of my almost 7 year old!).

I only picked up a pack of 3 scrunchies to try whilst in Primark  and they were only £2! I have since considered cracking out my sewing machine and in the footsteps of my own mother, sewing a bunch for Megan and I (she nicked off with the orange one this morning for school), but at 3 for £2 in Primarni, I don’t even know if I could be bothered! But now I know I am loving them to spruce up a look, I will be on the hunt for an animal print one and perhaps some velvet ones too!!  I love what a difference they make to scratty/messy hair with a bit of dry shampoo – totally life changing!

The next hair thing is of course this mint yellow headband! They are everywhere too as I say and range from this one in Primark for £2.50, to some patterned satin ones I saw in Topshop the other day for £10! H&M are in the middle, with thinner ones for £4.99 and chunky ones at £6.99 (they have ribbed black one that was cool!). I love this yellow one though – it is bright and bold and will be great with plenty of my outfits until I purchase a red one and more tropical one I think for the Summer. Again they are ideal to bring a retro and trendy look to your outfit, and are fab for adding a statement to messy hair! I like the idea of them for summer on the beach, to sweep back hair and look pretty.

Aside from getting my hands on a cool head band and some scrunchies to trial this returning trend, I have also been keen to find some small chunky gold hoops for everyday wear. I have a lot of statement earrings (mainly tassel ones) that I love for nights out, occasions and church, but I have very little (aside from studs) to wear day to day. I don’t always like studs as they get lost in a look and are a bit tame for me (unless bling) and so thought some small hoops are a bit more of a statement, without being OTT for the school run and mum life. I was delighted to find a pack of 3 earring in Primark for £3 (£1 a pair?? Bargainous or what!). Whilst I am almost certain in a few months, my ears might be turning green, until then I will love wearing them. They look great and each pair is fab for what I was looking for – I especially like the chain link looking ones too. Happy days all round with that one.

In addition to these lush pieces, I also picked up those fab dark sun glasses for £2 – I have had them before and find them really cool to wear – they feel a bit edgy and go with most things! I also got some clear springy bobbles – just super useful and only £1 for a pack. A new mascara for £2.50 which is actually really really good and way better than I ever imagined it would be at that price. I also bought a brilliant red matte lippy for £1 (I am wearing it in the head band pic) and again – super impressed with it. I never imagined their make up would be so great, but it has won me over and I am keen to try other things they have. If it’s all this good, then I can see myself saving a heck of a lot of money for every day make up!

Aside from all of this junk I got in Primark, I also hopped off into Accessorize as they had a 70% off sale. There I purchased a couple of birthday gifts to put away for Alice and Megan, and for me – these brilliant gold and red hoops – £2.10 from £7.99! BARGAIN! I can’t wait to wear them somewhere nice or in the summer when my hair is up!

It doesn’t need to cost a lot to look on trend with accessories or to have pretty things to complete your look. I am so pleased to have found all of these lovely things and look forward to wearing them regularly in the coming months – that’s if Megan doesn’t swipe it before then – she too has an eye for the sparkle and pretty things!

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