Animal Print Dresses

The wardrobe question I am currently pondering is – can you ever have too many animal print dresses? I keep seeing so many lovely ones around and not only are they very me and make a statement, but they are often modest, practical, versatile and on trend too – so I am guessing with all of that in their favour, the answer is apparently a “no” – right?

Anything animal print is usually a winner for me, both in the home and for my wardrobe, but especially in dress form. My Zara red animal print dress is still a firm favourite with pumps or boots for a casual look. My newest addition however that I am loving, is this gorgeous wild one my mother in law bought me for Christmas. I shared last week on instagram and thought I would share it here too, along with some other animal print dresses I have spotted and love.

With all the animal print going on, its long sleeves, flattering style and silky vibes, this animal print dress is a real gem! It is modest, light and so very lovely to wear.

I loved wearing it for my newest nephews blessing at church recently, and find it a lovely wardrobe addition for a night out or special occasion too. It is posher than my average dress and so it is great for those special occasions I am looking forward to. I love the length and sleeves and feel so very feminine wearing it (whilst the pattern keeps it edgy for me).

I have been looking for it online so that I could link (you know, should you want one too) but I can’t find it and can only assume she bought it from one of the local boutique shops in Beverley (or it could be anywhere come to think of it). I would hazard a guess it was a proper bargain too, as like me its all about the bargs! Sorry that that isn’t at all helpful, but I wanted to share it all the same as it is really lovely and makes me happy to wear.

However, if like me you love animal print dresses too, here are some lovely ones available right now that I have spotted…

Black and white Leopard High Neck Midi Dress from Silk Fred. I have never shopped here before so not sure on the quality, but they have some really lovely silky animal print dresses which are very similar to this one I have.

Animal Print Midi from Topshop – I would wear a black Vest under as that back is a little racey for me!

I really love this Khaki tiger one from New Look – Its also in the sale for only £14 (sizes may be limited). Alternatively they have this lovely puff sleeve style midi dress in a brown zebra print.

Zara have loads of lovely options too, but I think I like this grey one the best.

I may or may not add one of these others to my collection too, but for now I am loving this posher than my average dress that I am now the proud owner of… I love more that it was a gift!


  1. February 15, 2020 / 7:54 am

    Its looks incredible… I think we all should try the print.. 😉 thanks for sharing 🙂

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