6 Days in Second hand

I love a good charity shop haul or general mega bargain and the majority of what I own was on sale or second hand. As such, I will often find myself reeling off to my friends and others how much my outfits or new items of clothing cost. I don’t do it to be showy, but rather because I find it both entertaining to see their reactions and also very exciting to share my bargains and deals with others. Mostly though I find myself doing it because I cannot stress enough just how blooming good it is to shop in charity shops/car boots or other second hand establishments. A lot of my friends don’t need this idea selling to them (hence we get on so well), it’s more often than not that they (and I) cannot believe I found something in the charity shop that was so great and fantastically priced! Yes, one things for sure, shopping second hand is both exciting and joyful.

This September, social media has seen already a lot of talk about “second hand for September” – Oxfam’s latest campaign to help us rethink how we shop, whilst thinking more about the planet. I didn’t need the idea of shopping second hand selling to me, but I was surprised to discover that every week 11 million items of clothing end up in landfill; evidence that throwaway fashion is putting increasing pressure on our planet and its people. Not only is it unsustainable, but I think often it’s unnecessary when you can often find lovely stylish things in charity shops. I get that it isn’t always as convenient as you can’t guarantee the look or size you are after, but I find approaching it with an open mind, opens up opportunities to discover things you might love and new treasures for your wardrobe – and guaranteed it will be a bargain!

This week, just for fun, and to sell this idea to you a little more, I decided to make sure that each outfit I wore incorporated something second hand! I wanted to show you a few outfits I have that enable you to look good for less and also re use clothing to help be more economical. I also want to show you how stylish you can look in second hand because after all; style is something that YOU create. Fashion is ever changing, but find your style and you will find it across the board – including in your local charity shop, car boot, ebay or clotheswap!

So here goes 6 days of outfits with something secondhand…


On sundays we go to church so often my outfits include a dress or skirt combo! This last week I chose my black, orange and cream knee length dress. The style and print drew me to this dress and the best part is that this dress was only £4 in a charity shop! Paired with my New Look ankle boots (sale last year), made for an easy, comfy and stylish Autumn look for church!


Monday I went for my H&M shiny black skinny trousers and wore my white crocheted top I bought just before the summer – it was about £2 in a local charity shop! I love this top for being a good all rounder in any season; it was great with sandals in the Summer and looked just as cool this week with my leather jacket (Dorothy Perkins Sale 2018) and my Next Clearance high tops (£4). You will see I have been wearing my high tops a lot this week as its been colder and wetter, but I’m not quite ready to commit to boots every day!


Tuesday was a chill day – I went shoe shopping with Alice and also did a bit of house work! For this I wore my trusty red check shirt which I bought several years ago in Scope for like £3! It is one of my favourite shirts for Autumn and I paired it with my ripped black skinny jeans from primark and tan ankle boots (also primark).


Wednesday included a country walk, baking and then the theatre with my sisters. I don’t know about you, but I can’t always be bothered to keep changing for days like that and so, I chose to wear my denim dress (Oxfam £3) with my leggings (primark) and grey H&M top that one of my friends gave me on a clear out (winner!). For the walk I wore my Jules wellies (Birthday gift) and for the theatre I swapped into my leopard print ankle boots (Dorothy perkins). I loved that both this top and dress were second hand!


Yesterday we went to Manchester (via Ikea and Homesense) to meet my brother in law at the airport following a 2 year mission in Switzerland/Germany. We also had dinner with the fam in Ponte at my sister in laws house and then onto Hull before getting home at 11pm! With all that travelling I needed to be comfy and so opted for my tweed style cropped jumpsuit (that again was free from a friend), and paired it with my high tops and black New Look polo top! Second hand can also mean freebies from grab bags – I often get some gems as I am not afraid to ask for a look before it goes to the charity shops!


Today I had school runs again, cleaning and then lunch with friends. I went for my black ripped skinny jeans and high tops, and on top wore my black and white striped top from old Navy (bought at DI thrift store) with my darker denim shirt that I got at a clothes swap! Comfort again and feeling stylish too! I love this top with leggings, jeans, dresses and dungarees – A bargain at $3! The denim shirt is also fab under jumpers!

Of course not everything I own or wear is second hand – I love to shop and check out sales, as well as new season stuff too, but generally I do not care as my shopping priority is always to find things that are my style. If I want to be more “on trend” then I often look at what’s in and find similar colours and looks in the charity shop or update my existing things with accessories. Buying second hand, or taking things you love off friends and family who are clearing out, not only saves money, but reuses lovely things. Charity shops and second hand sites are bursting with treasures.

I had so many things I could have shared and worn this week, but I hope this small glimpse has shown you just how lovely second hand clothing can be and how easily it can be styled with existing pieces you have! Style is timeless because it is you, and that can be found wherever you choose to shop. Fashion on the other hand is ever changing and expensive to maintain.

“This is not a sponsored post – just something that brings me joy! If you want to click and pledge to say no to new clothes for 30 days/the remainder of the month at least! I have had to buy all the kids new shoes and trainers, but I think I have managed to keep it so far for me! 

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