£5 Tropical Print Jumpsuit

I love a good jumpsuit for Summer – well most seasons actually – they are comfortable, stylish and practical and, oh so very versatile! But, for Summer especially I love to throw them on with a pair of sandals. They keep me comfy and cool both in the heat and whilst chasing down 3 kids whilst out and about!

Whilst this latest addition gives me vibes of a middle aged man’s Hawaiian style shirt, I find it ticks all the boxes – comfy, thin and I love the bold print and vintage style.

I bought this on a whim from Studio and it was in the Sale for just 5 quid and if you pop over you will see they have this and loads of other jumpsuits on mega deals. I have never shopped at Studio before, not for any particular reason or bias, but rather because I have never checked out what they sell. I have seen a few bloggers working with them recently and commenting on their stuff and so, when I saw this beaut pop up on my Facebook ads (well played guys!) I clicked and went for it!

I am not usually a floral person – they don’t suit me, but I loved that this was funky enough for me to pull off. It is also light and airy for hot weather and the print brightens up both my wardrobe and look. The best part was that it was a bargainous 5 quid from £15. If you aren’t as wild in your prints etc as I like to be, then they did have a navy one too and other options (including a 3/4 one) all at budget prices.

I am loving this £5 red tropical print jumpsuit though. It will be fab if we ever get away on a holiday as it is thin and will pack light, but in the mean time, it will be both stylish and comfortable this Summer. It will look great with mules, Sandals, heels or pumps for any occasion, offering flexibility! Come on, for a fiver you can’t go wrong really can you?

Now if only the sun would return so I can crack it out again!

This is not a sponsored post, just sharing a bargain and spreading the joy!

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