4 Beauty Essentials For Camping

With our recent camping trip lingering in our minds, I have been reflecting on a few things that helped me survive it (aside from my pals and nighttime chocolate treats by the fire!). One was most definitely the very few beauty essentials that I packed to maintain a semi decent look whilst living wild and basic for a few days.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my make up and rarely go a day without it – especially my lippy! I am known on the school run for those bold lippys and always need my mascara and foundation! But somehow, packing all this and taking time in a tent to apply a full face of makeup for the sake of a hike or beach day, didn’t seem right to me (though it apparently did for my friends!). Camping, after all is all about being au natural and living more basically and chill – it’s what makes it good for the soul. I also feel that in summer time I have a bit of a tan anyway and can get away with wearing less so why not embrace that for a time and give myself a rest for a few days (I certainly wore none in France for the few days we were at the coast!). And so, I decided on the beauty front to only pack the essentials.

So, with that being said, here are the 4 beauty essentials that I did take (or rather couldn’t do without) that helped me maintain a natural, but less scary/smelly look for the few days we were away (I did shower FYI)!

1. NIVEA daily essentials BB cream 

I picked this up in savers for £3.49 before we went away and it was worth every penny. It not only offered me a moisturiser whilst being outside for the most part of every day, but also an ever so slight colour and balance too (I love BB creams in the summer)! It carries the bonus of an SPF 20 and radiance to look fresh and be protected whilst out in nature. I decided it was the ideal balance for looking natural whilst still looking after my skin and looking less scary with a very light even coverage. Its easy on the pursestrings and takes up minimal bag space too! I would advise a budget moisturizer for camping anyway incase anything happens to your stuff or it gets lost.

2. VASELINE rose

I love this lip balm for the days I don’t wear my lippy! It’s great for Summer and again, the pink tint was a lovely addition to feeling more “made up” day to day. But practically It kept my lips moist in wind, rain and sun and the rose tint helped me feel more me without overdoing it for camping and wild living.

3. SURE Maximum protection

I’ve been using this deodorant for a couple of weeks now and really like it. It keeps me dry far longer than the others do in warm weather (or on strenuous days), which is ideal for when one is trekking up a mountain and chasing kids around a campsite. Being a roll on means I’m not spraying loads in a confined area and again its smaller than a spray for space! It was also on offer in Tesco at half price … even better.

4. Dry shampoo

An essential for any day as a mum, especially when camping! Dry shampoo proved useful for a fresh look after a bonfire or when there was no time in the AM to wash your hair, and also to deter wasps from the tent! One day I had my friend braid my hair for the mountain hike and then the next day, a little dry shampoo and a headband later made my hair look awesome and I felt great for walking around Windermere!

I love camping now and these 4 beauty essentials in my bag not only took up less space, but helped me feel more human and feminine whilst allowing myself to get back to basics and have a fun 4 days camping with the family and our friends. I didn’t miss my make up or feel too gross like I have done in that past (thankfully) – it was the right balance and amount of beauty stuff for a family camping trip.

What are your secret beauty essentials for camping? I would love to hear some more tricks and tips to live more naturally but still feminine and comfortably!

*Not a sponsored post – just a few tips! 

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